Career Path After Law in India – Top Options

Considered as one of the oldest and reputed career programs, a law degree opens gateways to some great career opportunities that cannot be boasted by other professional degrees. As the career options after completing the law program are not limited to legal professions, many students prefer law admission to acquire transferable skills and ensure job safety. This highly regarded qualification makes law graduates attractive to many employers. In addition, students with a law degree have an in-depth knowledge of legal procedure, laws and regulations, and ideals of corporate governance. So, it becomes easy for them to deal with challenging issues and tip the odds in their favor.

If you are a prospective law graduate and do not have an inkling of career prospects upon completion of the program, don’t worry- we have prepared a list of career options after law in India.

Career path after a law degree

After completing the law program, students can venture into different sectors for their debut in professional life. But before moving ahead, you must know that students with a law degree become eligible to enter three arms of the Government- Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary. Now that you have understood the perks of earning a law degree, we will familiarise you with specific roles for a rewarding career ahead.


Upon completing the law program, most students prefer becoming an advocate, making it one of the most sought-after career paths among law graduates. Notably, law graduates have to qualify for the All-India Bar Council examination to practice law in the District, State, or Supreme Courts.


Judiciary is one of the most respectable professions in our country. After completing the law course, students can take competitive examinations to become a Magistrate or District Judge. However, students are required to pass a Judicial exam administered by the Public Service Commission. 

3.Government jobs

Another benefit of having a law degree is that students become eligible for Indian Legal Services. Through this, law graduates can apply for various posts, such as Legislative Counsel and Legal Advisors. To secure government jobs also, aspirants have to pass the examination conducted by the Public Service Commission. The qualification also makes aspirants eligible for the Air Force or Indian Army.

4.Legal Advisor

There is a huge demand for law graduates in business firms, private companies, or banks to advise on legal matters. With a law degree, law graduates can also work with an NGO and provide legal advice to their clients. An opinion of a law graduate plays a vital role for a business in decision making. In addition, a legal advisor can work with multiple clients.


Law students who are not interested in a legal profession can become journalists and work with some big media houses. With in-depth knowledge of legalities, law graduates can help the public understand government bills and verdicts in some prominent cases. 


A career in law comes with a hefty salary package. Additionally, law graduates can work in multiple areas after completing their courses. If you are also a prospective lawyer, sign up for the law course right away in the law schools of Dehradun for a better learning experience.

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