11 Landing Page Design Tips You Should Follow Today

Whenever we browse the internet, we come across all sorts of landing pages almost on every site. Obviously, they are highly popular as great internet marketing tools. 

Irrespective of the way you land on any landing page, the principal purpose of a landing page remains the same and it is only about making you interested in something or influencing you to purchase something. 

To achieve this goal a landing page must be designed to perfection with all the key design attributes that help business conversion or lead generation. Before you engage top UI UX design services India, knowing some time tested practices will be more beneficial. 

Learning from the most tested and tried practices, here we provide top landing page design tips that you are likely to find useful. 

Give Your Landing Page a Headline Focused on Benefit

Remember that among the people who will visit the landing page, the majority of them will not stay on the page. Now to ensure more people stay on the page, your page needs to convey the principal value proposition within seconds of their arrival. 

This is where a benefit focused headline can play an important role. With a clear and concise landing page headline you can quickly communicate the value of your landing page. 

Visual Asset That Fits Your Message 

It is widely said that an image is worth a thousand words. In the context of the landing page an image also conveys the message quickly and hence it is important to use a befitting image that visually describes your value proposition. 

The image instead of displaying the features should orient the users with the real life or contextual benefits for the users.

Write Compelling Text

While crafting a perfect headline is important and using an image that instantly conveys the meaning is crucial, it is a perfectly written and convincing copy that equally makes a great landing page. A compelling copy by orienting the users and addressing them directly easily convinces them.

Incorporate The Customer’s Voice 

Sometimes a great convincing landing page copy simply outshines competition by incorporating the customer’s point of view in the customer’s own language and tone. Those so called common industry buzzwords and cliche sales terms mostly raise the boredom level of customers. So, rather try involving them with their own words. That works. 

Now, knowing the customer’s sentiments doesn’t require any guesswork, rather it can be highly based upon data-driven customer research. By analysing customer wants and pain points you can easily incorporate their perspectives and voices in your landing page copy. 

Use Effective Call to Action (CTA)

Finally, it is the call to action that helps converting leads and business and hence you need to optimise this element most. Calls to action (CTA) plays an incredibly important role in converting leads and preventing bounce of visitors. 

A strong CTA is not just a ‘Submit’ button, it involves a lot more considerations. It needs learning the creative ways of using CTA in different landing pages. You don’t need to hire dedicated developers for a web project especially for this purpose. A business focusing on teamwork can use a CTA like “Let’s do it!” or “Let’s dig together” is more effective than a “Submit” button. How you can contextualise the CTA and make it more relevant and encouraging for your audience is most important. 

A/B Testing the Landing Page Forms 

Now when coming to landing page forms, you need to be extra cautious on how they are encouraging usefulness. Instead of creating the perfect landing page forms marketers should also give importance on the places where these forms should be placed.

This is why most experts are of opinion that instead of trying different options point blank marketers should evaluate the different positions. A/B testing of the positions of the forms on landing pages is highly advisable as tests can reveal the gains that different positions can offer. 

Last but not the least of all considerations regarding landing page forms is the look, feel and length of the forms. Let us admit that all of us detest filling long forms with several fields. So, make sure the forms are shorter in length with just two or three form fields. Short length forms will create less stress on the users and thus will ensure a far better conversion. Along with this, rightly positioned forms will garner optimum visibility and traction. 

Mobile Friendly Landing Page 

On mobile screens landing pages look smaller than usual and thus create more difficulties for the users than their desktop counterparts. On the other hand, the vast majority of the people access the web on mobile device screens. Naturally, you need to take extreme care to guarantee that the landing page fits perfectly on any mobile screen. 

Now coming to the size of the landing page firm, they should be particularly optimised for mobile users. Just think of filling out a form on the mobile web and consider the difficulties you experience just because of the smaller screen size. Yes, there you find the design shortcomings that need to be addressed.

Mobile devices allow on the go interactions and hence everything should be designed for prompt interactions and with less difficulties for on-screen interactions while in movement. You need to create forms that literally make it effortless to fill out the forms with all relevant information. 

Just like the ease of use and simplicity of web interfaces, landing page forms should be designed to ensure easy and smooth interactions and filling of forms. 

Keep Message Consistent

Finally, the ultimate tip is regarding the need for a consistent brand message that should not vary between the web ad and the landing page. Remember, both landing page and the web ad are two facets of the same marketing strategy and hence their inherent message should be consistent throughout. 

Check out the web’s many successful landing pages and ad campaigns that go hand in hand being perfectly tuned with each other. The key message in both should be consistent. 

When the landing page perfectly matches the ad message, it ensures delivering a relevant as well as guaranteed user experience. In spite of the obvious need of this, there are many marketers who make mistakes even with these basics. There are many advertisers who just send PPC traffic to the homepage hurting the visual continuity and consistency. To ensure optimum consistency with messages across landing pages and ads, this should be given optimum care. 


Since landing pages are created to generate leads and they are often considered to be the leading lead generation channel, they deserve more attention. Since a landing page always allows you to make additions or alterations or tweak landing page design or messages, you can always strive for more perfection. 

All the best best practices and time tested tips we mentioned here ensure creating really high-performance landing pages that ensure higher lead generation or business conversion in the respective categories. Sometimes following the footsteps of the successful makes things more productive without needing to run from pillar to post. This is exactly what this post tried to explain. 

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