Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) is presented by Sony tv entertainment. Before in 2002-2007 is was presented on star plus. It is headed by Sameer Nair, programming team head. KBC is the reality show telecast in India. This is a lottery game and gives an opportunity to the local public to win billions of rupees. But here a question arises in every mind, whether this game show is fake or real? Every one of us have doubts. It is advised by the KBC official website to always remember that there are several websites which are fake and they are using KBC name to cheat millions of people. Therefore, it is advised to visit KBC official website for any time of information and registration and help to keep safe from fake and fraud websites. On the KBC official website, its interface is different from other fake websites. By using the KBC official website the participants can easily know about the date of lottery announcement, winners list, amount win and all about KBC online lottery system. By identifying the difference in interface, you can easily find out whether the site is real or fake.


Steps to win KBC WhatsApp lottery


For checking the lottery updates, the KBC participants on WhatsApp have to check their registered names among winner list. You can verify your lottery through KBC official website. The winning chances are higher if the lottery participant has 2 or more mobile numbers or sim cards. Thus, their winning chances are clear enough. But one thing should be kept in mind that you do not have to lose hope. if in current month the participant does not wins, he may have the chances to win in next month. Struggle is needed to gain more chances of winning and you can become a KBC winner by your KBC lottery number check.

For that you have to continuously checking the updates on KBC official website and checking the list for lottery present there. It requires high concentration because you do not know when your name is announced in the winner list uploaded. So, keep on checking KBC WhatsApp winner list.


By following the below mentioned steps you can become a part of 2021 lottery winner list.

  • You must possess a sim card which is connected to a mobile network working in India.
  • Activate that sim and connect to any Indian mobile networking company.
  • Must remember that the KBC winners are announced on 1st or 2nd of each month.
  • Always visit KBC official website to check the updates and results.
  • Always contact on KBC head office number, in case you receive fake calls to report them immediately.
  • KBC helpline is open 24/7 to help you overcome the problem.


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