Is working from home more productive than working in an office?

Since the coronavirus outbreak in 2019, everything including work has shifted to an online mode, making it easier to work while following the SOPs embossed by each and every government around the world. But as this discussion arises, so does the question that how much this gesture has affected the productivity and creativity of an employee working from home? Which is surely debatable, for it is a new kind of crisis that we all are facing all of the sudden. 

What do you think is the fact? Did it really affect you?  Or is it allowing or creating a more productive perspective? Let’s dive deeper to find the missing answers, to get a better understanding of how the world dynamics in the pandemic is actually working like!

If it is going in the favor of those who like working remotely or not. It is all about the productive output which matters the most in the end. 

Is working from home more productive than working in an office?

Why is Working from Home not a Good Option? 

Let’s begin by discussing why remote working is not a wise option to go for. If you are living in a country completely different from where your organization is based or even in the same state, here are some hardships which will decrease your productivity rate. 

Time Zone

To understand it a bit better, let’s discuss an example; where you reside in Asia, working for an organization which is based in America, that will change the entire time zone for you, working hours there will be sleeping hours for you in your country. And when a person is sleepy, the productivity or creativity level becomes zero. 

Lack of Resources

When a person works online or remotely, the access to the resources which was easy to avail in the office environment will not be there. The data and everything you need will require a great amount of effort for you to follow up with your work in order to get done with a single task, which is so not beneficial for the growth of the company and you as an employee, resulting in a bad impression. 

Communication Gap

Communication is essential for any kind of work to take place, which means when you and your entire team will be distributed at different corners of the country or the world, it will become very difficult for a task to meet the deadline, and no wonder if some issue arises, which needs to be solved on an urgent basis. In such scenarios communication is necessary.  

Connectivity Issues

This is the most intense issue faced by the employees around the world, which involve the internet connection issue along with the power issues without a backup, which leave them helpless to stay active and connected to the team at work or even complete the designated working hours. Resulting in the lower productivity and creativity rate. Due to such issues even students take a safer route by placing their assignments on nursing essay writing service UK or some other platforms like this to not lose grades, now imagine that for an office employee!

Why is Working from Home a Good Option? 

Just like any other thing, this also has some positive side to it, which makes it an ideal situation to work at home. 

Free Space

Most of the time people need free space and mind to create something extraordinary or something really productive. There are people all around the world, who fail to work under pressure and need their time and environment to give their all, which completely make sense at some point. For even students can’t cope up when they are being pressured, just like they take help from platforms like; assignment help online for their home works to manage things, similar case happens with an employee that they might start needing help in order to complete their tasks to meet the deadline, if the space is not provided. 

Timing Flexibility and Comfort Zone

There are times when a person can be the most productive from their comfort zone and it is actually a fact! with their flexible timings. The best way to get the finest output is by assigning the certain task to them and allow the employee to create the masterpiece of their own, without keeping an eye or pressurizing them. That is how important the relaxed mind is in order to get your desired output. 

Less Exhausting as compared to the Offline Work

When the person is working on their own, they are well aware of the deadline they have to meet in order to provide the best service to the client, so they will work accordingly and as they will be home, the exhaustion rate will be really less as compared to offline work. They can even take a nap as soon as they realize that the work is getting overwhelmed and they need to get back to their productive self before the quality gets compromised. But this can only be done when they will be at home, which is necessary. No wonder China pays their employees to take a nap in their office to increase the productivity rate. And the result can actually be noticed with the passage of time. 

To Finalize

Sometimes what we think might affect us in a bad way can actually turn out to be good, even though there is quite an issue with remote working, the increase in productivity and creativity will make it all work in the end. Yes, people do need some time and space to settle to the new environment but the fact that, when the final result is presented, the overwhelming workload, pressure and lack of sleep make a huge impact, giving not so impressive of an impression on the clients when meeting the deadline. Because they actually expected something great from you and your team, the fact that 43% of American still look forward to working remotely when the pandemic ends is now understandable. That is how important fresh minds are while working!

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