Is wireless CCTV equipment convenient?

Those days are long gone when you would see long thick cables crossing walls. With the continual development of the CCTV technology, many surveillance cameras today are wireless and use broadband or other type of technology for broadcasting footage.

It is safe to say that wireless CCTV equipment is easier to install and offers greater installation flexibility with remote CCTV monitoring services.

We all know that CCTV technology has been in the commercial market since 1949 and since then they had to be plugged into a power source for them to function. Analog CCTVs still function like that. They utilize a video cable to carry the video signal to a display device which is called a monitor. With the latest wireless powered technology, modern wireless CCTV security cameras utilize a wireless network to send video signal across to a display monitor and recording device. 

Easy installation

As discussed above, the wired security cameras are connected to display devices through a network of cables whereas wireless CCTVs are connected to display units over Wi-Fi internet connection. Hence, it is imperative to utilize the services of a professional company that will assist you with wired CCTV equipment. There are various companies that offer their services and products in this industry, First Digital Surveillance is one such company that you can rely on for not only installation services but for products as well. 

With wireless CCTVs, the installation is so convenient that there may not be any need to hire professionals. You can simply unbox your wireless CCTV equipment and follow instructions. 

Easy relocation

Imagine the stress of removing all the cabled network of your analog CCTVs when moving into a new property. No one would prefer spending time on detaching every single cable from your wall and going through the same process when installing them at the new property. The problem does not end there, the dimensions of the wall and the structure of the new property may not match with the size of cable or equipment space that is needed. The hassle seems to go on non-stop. In order to avoid all that additional trouble in the midst of relocation, wireless CCTV will be more convenient. It will save you from all the frustration of wiring and unwiring.


Wireless CCTV equipment offers more flexibility in comparison to the traditional CCTVs. With a traditional CCTV security system, you cannot move it around the house once it is fixed in a place. On the contrary, wireless CCTVs are more flexible and can be moved around the house as and when required. You can place it as high as you want or place it lower, it offers a lot of options.

More affordable

Since the traditional CCTV cameras require various add-ons and tools to make it operational, the cost of analog CCTVs can go higher depending on the accessories and the quality of accessories that you may purchase. With wireless CCTVs, you don’t require as many tools and attachments. With the reduction in the number of attachments, the cost goes down naturally. In fact even before purchasing, the convenience will be noticed. 

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