6 Best iOS Apps for Business

In this modern world business has been taken over by the digital bug and you won’t be able to survive without a smartphone. Moving forward business has already taken a stand when it comes to technology as the use of mobile applications have sky rocketed. User of Android and iOS have found the many benefits of the different apps that help from doing simple things like buying groceries to booking a flight ticket. Many businesses are relying on these apps to get a wide spread exposure to their potential customers and to increase productivity at lower costs. Although smart phones are so small that they can fit the palm of our hands, it holds control over many things in our life and can help make life easier.

There are a number of iOS application development services which will help you develop apps for your business for iOS users. Today’s day to day life is fast paced with no time to spare, the harder you grind the more results you get but working smart will save you even more time. There are many apps that can help you manage your time by doing things on the go or multitasking.

If you use an all-Apple platform then these apps can be especially useful for you and your team. 


It is an email app which can integrate multiple email platforms like Yahoo and Gmail. It utilizes a smart inbox which helps automatically sort out and rank your emails as per importance. One of its special features which will save you a lot of time is that it categorizes emails as newsletter, personal and notification tabs. This will help you get rid of crowded and hectic inboxes by streamlining and categorizing your emails. 

Full Contact

Profiling and categorizing your contacts have never been easier as with Full Contacts. It helps users integrate and sync contacts from multiple channels like Google, Facebook, Exchange or the address book on your computer or phone. This amazing app will keep them all in one place for free. You can save time and energy which will be wasted trying to find someone by searching multiple platforms. You can attach notes and tags so that so that you can remember important details. This app is an overall must have for any business. 

Just Press Record

Instead of having to turn on the voice recorder you can just record an audio message with the help of this app which will help you do just that with a single tap. You can save time instead of having to make a call or take notes at a meeting or just storing important information. In the business world time is also a precious commodity so save enough of it with this app which can record even through a lock screen.

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You no longer have to sort through a pile of notifications of important dates and deadlines. This app is a free organizational tool which can sort through you scheduled and help you create and modify your to do list. Its powerful, easy to use and is accessible across all Apple platforms. Business owner will find it extremely helpful as it can organize projects and rank them per importance with its color-coding feature. It also has a cool quick add feature which will help the user to add a to do note just by typing the item and attach a hashtag of the project at the end. 


It is an efficient expense management app which will help track your expenses and issue reimbursements to your employee. It is a difficult and time-consuming thing for business owners to collect all the receipts and keep account of them. If you wish to file a receipt then all you have to do is take a picture of it and it will be updated automatically into the Concur’s System. 


It has become a normal thing for business to store their important files in cloud storages such as Google DropBox is an affordable option for business owners who don’t have a subscription with G Suite or Microsoft 365 Business. This app syncs with all Apple devices and will give access to the files as long as you have a proper internet connection. 


There are many more apps which will make your work easier like Tide, Slack, Accompany and Trove each with their unique features. You can approach Mobile App Development Company in Sweden and many others to help develop the best app to help boost your business productivity. You can focus your time, energy and money towards other spheres of your business news and rely on theses apps to help you fulfill even the simple tasks in no time. Choose the right apps for your business and watch as your business starts to gain popularity.

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