Increase your Website Clicks: Optimize your Landing Page

The number of visitors reaching out organically to your website is directly proportional to your business opportunities generated online. If you want to get tangible returns from your online marketing efforts, optimizing your website is very important. Mainly when designing and organizing your landing pages, even more attention needs to be paid. If you run a pan-India website development company, there will be intense competition. Given the intense competition in most sectors/industries and the constantly lowering patience threshold of the average customer today, it is essential to have top-notch, well-optimized landing pages with crystal-clear CTAs.

If you own a hosting website then you should integrate WHMCS to manage all the complex website operations. Therefore, to make your WHMCS website even more comprehensive or want to add some more functionalities to it, then it is recommended to do with the best WHMCS website development services to mold your website just the way you want.

Here are some useful tips to optimize your website for higher lead generation:

  1. Identify and Work on Potential Lead-Generating Pages

From the best digital marketing agencies in Noida to the most reputed digital marketing agencies in Chennai, most leading online marketers will urge you to always begin your website optimization process with the pages that garner the highest traffic. Be it through social media shares, email marketing links, live customer support features, or well-performing blog posts; every business website has a specific set of landing pages that attract maximum traffic. It need not necessarily be your home page but could also be your best-selling product pages or highly informative posts.

  1. Share Free Resources on your high-traffic pages

Once you have identified your highest lead-generating or potential lead-generating pages, the next step is to cash in on the opportunity by soliciting visitors’ contact information. Sharing free resources in exchange for valuable contact details is the best way to augment these high-performing pages to churn higher leads. It could be for a free newsletter sign-up, an invite to a free expert webinar, or a free whitepaper, offer anything that could be valuable to your target audience in exchange for their personal details that are relevant for you to pursue as a marketer. Free trials and free quotes are other examples of clever online marketing to the maximum information from interested visitors to your website and attempt to nurture them into full-fledged customers.

  1. Ensure that you are using the right landing page keywords

A keyword analysis is not just about deducing the right set of keywords for your business website to rank higher in SERPs. It also involves the crucial process of determining which keywords need to be used on which pages. For instance, if your target audience is searching for ‘how to use a hair curler’ on Google, the landing page of your site that is getting ranked for this particular search phrase should be an informative blog, article or video on the process of using a hair curler. These pages in turn could have links to your best hair curler product pages or other CTAs as you deem necessary. Instead, if your product pages show up for this search query, you will experience high traffic and equally high bounce rates. Therefore, always ensure that organic traffic being directed to any particular landing page is for the appropriate set of keywords.

  1. Create Separate Landing Pages for Different Locations

Given how much attention Google is devoting towards local search results, it will definitely benefit your business to cash in on the opportunity of ranking higher by creating localized landing pages for separate locations. For instance, if you run a pan-India digital marketing agency, there will be intense competition in ranking for the keywords ‘digital marketing company in India‘. On the other hand, if you create separate, geo-targeted landing pages aligned with the local search phrases such as ‘digital marketing agency in Noida’ or ‘digital marketing company Chennai’, it will be far easier for you to rank higher on these local SERPs. Irrespective of whether you run a local business, a pan-India business, or an international company, targeting search users with individual landing pages for each city is a significant website optimization tactic.

  1. Offer Personalized CTAs

Highlighting CTAs with fonts and graphics for the maximum visual impact has been talked about a lot by digital marketers in the past. To outshine your competitors today, you need to offer personalized CTAs to ensure that your potential leads traverse all the way down through the sales funnel. Providing dynamic content as per user preferences is the most prominent trend in the realm of online marketing today. Instead of sticking to a one-size-fits-all message, there is an increasing attempt to tailor content as per visitors’ search queries and personal requirements. And this personalization is not just restricted to the content, but the images, offers and discounts being provided, and most importantly, the CTAs. Not to forget, make sure there is a ‘welcome back’ message along with special, customized to delight repeat visitors, and encourage them to buy again.


Businesses across various industries, sectors and geographical zones are devising innovative digital marketing strategies to reach out to massive, untapped market segments. For business owners facing ruthless competition both online and offline, website optimization is a handy tool to captivate visitors, transform them into customers, and create a loyal customer base.


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