Improve Instantly with these 5 Pro Rocket League Tips For New Players

What happened today, bring five tips for the new player, the five most important things to learn when starting this game. 

  1. Complete camera setup

Start thinking that new players should complete your camera settings when they start the game for the first time, first turn off the camera shake and we will uncheck the box, this is a useless setting, it will only add s to play the game, so it will continue and close It, this is by default, go to the camera settings, expand the field of view to 110, you will see that it will shrink a bit, and stretch the screen view just to let you see more of the field ahead. Most professionals will use A certain area between 220 to 280, 290, now we want to determine the height, the height is how high above your car, the camera is the height you can see it moving around me, usually professionals between 90 and 120 usually It is about 110. Using 100 is a good balance of the camera angle. It is the angle of the camera on the car. The higher the angle, the higher the level with the car on the ground. Personally use negative four, but most professionals use negative three and negative Somewhere between five.

Increase the stiffness, and you will see that when you turn the camera, the camera immediately turns with my car, and the camera turns with it. When the car turns, the camera does not turn too much like a car, it allows the car to slide off the screen based on its momentum, rocket league items also can help beginner do better in the game.

  1. Pay attention to your control binding

Pay attention to your control bindings, you have not entered any gameplay yet, but when you start Rocket League, these are very important, especially your control bindings, because if you don’t switch them now, you will switch them later. It’s even more difficult. Thousands of hours have been invested in the game. Now you have to switch bindings. You just learned that you have to change something, so you have to enter the control, check the bindings, and talk to you about the good bindings. What is a good control binding? Really good binding depends on how you hold the controller preferences and what is most comfortable for you. Show a setting method for your reference, as long as you can push these two buttons Any combination without accidentally pressing something or pressing these buttons effortlessly, then you have a good binding, so the buttons you need to be able to press are jumping boosters, air scrolling, electric Slide and ball cam, if you can push any combination of these buttons to combine the two buttons in any combination without messing up or pushing something effortlessly, then you have a good binding , It’s important to be able to perform these operations in any combination, because there will be many times you have to jump and improve at the same time, sometimes you have to improve drift and jumping, sometimes you must know to jump and press the ball cam at the same time, and so on. Press these buttons in combination, so if you can do it, then you have a good binding.

  1. Play free games and training packs

Play free games and training packs. If you are a game novice, or if you are a game novice, these will become your best friends when learning games. Try to improve the game. You want to master free games and master practice training packs, now Free games You can find free games under game training. This is a free open environment that allows you to do whatever you want anytime, anywhere. You want anything you want, no punishment, no influence, no that type.

So you can do and practice whatever you want in this free game zone, which will help you greatly improve the game. Now there are a few things you can do specifically in free games, which will help you, first practice ball control , Practice keeping the ball close to me, keeping the ball up, and trying to control it, the field is on the roof of my car, and as close as possible.

This is a very good practice to learn to control the ball at close range. Another very good practice is to allow yourself to move the bouncing ball quickly. The goal here is to keep yourself high and keep the ball moving at high speed and try to read the bounce ball and be affected again. Hit hard, so do it over and over again, it will increase speed, you will be able to control your car better, be able to control the ball at high speed, you will be able to find a powerful shot on any type, if you just chase the ball And try to make the ball move fast, then you will be able to read the bounce better, you will get better in terms of recovery, and then you will find yourself progressing faster, by doing this, your game tempo will increase.

Another free game exercise you can do, you can lift your car into the air, as long as you can practice to gain general control of the hold, now you are in the air, and hold yourself without too much exercise, It’s really boring to be in the air, adding new things to increase card control, this is what you should do when you are good at something, you should add a new element, just to make yourself harder, you are now more Improve your card control. As far as the training package is concerned, a custom training package will be used. Many features and browsing training packages are very useful for certain things.

  1. Tutorials or watching people who are better than you for playing games

If you want to be better in this game, it is very helpful for you to watch tutorials or watch people who are better than you play the game, because you will see what they do and you can do it, but you just don’t Do in the game have as much time as possible to think about it, or you just have a little thing about the mechanism you did a little wrong, you see people who do better than you, then when they do things truthfully, you You will see what it looks like. They spend more time in the game than you make mistakes, and learn from these mistakes. If you watch these videos or watch players who are better than you, you will be in my first place. Save yourself thousands of hours when you start playing this game at once.

  1. Play team games

Play team games, but continue to play 1v1s now. This game is a team game. If you come from football, American football or football, if you come from Europe, and this is a team game, everything is team-centric and keep in control. The ball rights and create opportunities as a whole, but it is important that you continue to improve your personal abilities now. 1v1s is the most important practice, the best place for those skills you practice in training or free play, but if you Against someone in 1v1, you are responsible for everything that happens to the team, you are responsible for kick-offs, you are responsible for shooting, you are responsible for saving the property you are responsible for, everything you learn is about the speed of playing the Rocket League with other people in 1v1s It’s much faster than you learn these things in a team environment of three or two games, because then you only need to tee off every three times, or you only shoot once every 15 chances when you attack, but if you’re doing In a 1v1 game, you will find yourself seizing these opportunities alone every time, which will force you to improve faster, but having said that, please don’t forget that it is a team game. Many people like selfishness and they like to take the ball by themselves. , Always shoot by yourself, you must understand that the core of Rockets League is a team game, if you are not working as a team, you will not beat most of the people who are against you. 

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