Important things to consider before hiring a UK immigration Lawyer

If you are living in the UK or would like to come there to live or work in the future, you may be looking for the right immigration route that suits your future plans and also trying to seek out the right team of immigration lawyers that can help you achieve your dreams. 

When hiring an immigration lawyer, there are several essential things to take into account. There are an abundance of law firms in the UK that can provide you with immigration advice but what should you look for to make sure that the law firm or lawyers you choose will treat your case with the utmost importance and give you the confidence you need when trying to secure your immigration status. You should not settle for less than you deserve so be sure to do your research online before reaching out to the law firms of your choice. 

Top immigration lawyers in London differ from the rest because they are your ears and eyes when you need them and can advise you accordingly regarding any questions you may have. As a client, you may either be doing some pretty simple, like applying for the UK visit visa or applying to work in the UK because you have a job offer under the new skilled worker visa. Moreover, you may be facing a severe immigration problem such as a deportation order or have an issue related to human rights. No matter what the issue is, hiring a good lawyer is necessary. Where many go for the cheapest options out there, it is advisable not to do this and look for the credentials of who will represent you rather than the price you will pay for an outcome that could affect the whole of your future. 

A number of things to consider before hiring a good immigration lawyer or reaching out to a UK immigration law firm are as follows:

Google reviews

All good immigration law firms will have a track record of success that can be accounted for in their google reviews. Google reviews are incorruptible and generally speak the truth about organizations and companies that are online. A Google review score of 4.5 and above is excellent and shows that a company is credible and has a track record of success helping clients previously.

Legal 500 rankings

The legal 500 has been around for many decades and is the industry standard ranking organization for Law firms worldwide. If a law firm is ranked in the Legal 500, it means that this law firm is recognized for its work by this significant international body. If you are going to use the legal 500 to find your law firm of choice, it is best to split your search by country and then the area of law which you need representation for, in this case, “UK immigration law”. For more information about this and to have a look at the legal 500, please visit

Giving your case the right time and attention it needs

A good lawyer will not make it all about money from the get-go. They will generally have a consultation with you and typically give you some free advice before giving you a quote for the entirety of the work in question. Moreover, good lawyers will frequently reassure you about your case and allow you to call them or text them anytime for a quick update about it or ask them some additional questions about what is happening with it. If a lawyer does not do this, it does not mean that they are wrong rather they lack the personal touch that you may need that would provide you with the confidence you will require to trust the process. 

Relevant experience

Doing a background check is always a good idea when hiring an immigration lawyer. You need to understand from the start if the law firm or lawyer you choose is ready to take on your case and if this individual is even capable of handling it for you. An excellent place to start is on; here, you will be able to see how experienced your lawyer is and what they have achieved before concentrating on your case. 

Good public speaking skills

Confidence is a vital trait to have for a good immigration lawyer. If your immigration case needs to be heard in front of the courts, then a good immigration lawyer should have excellent public speaking skills, is a quick thinker. He/she should also be aware of all the relevant case law related to your immigration situation. Negotiation skills are also crucial. Good immigration lawyers will have to negotiate on your behalf with UK Home Office and most likely, other official UK governmental departments. 

Compassion and patience

It’s always great to seek out a lawyer with the right level of patience and compassion. This is very important as finding someone who fits this description will provide you with the correct information you need calmly and collectively. You are a client, not an immigration expert, so to have a lawyer who will inform you of the laws that can be used to fight your case is really important as it will keep you more relaxed during the process. 

When you are in need of hiring an immigration lawyer, is it essential to take your time and find the right one for you. Don’t hesitate to shop around, meet with a few lawyers and do your research on the law firm they work for and find out what specific credentials it may have. One of the most respected and recommended firms in the UK, such as Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors London, will be an excellent place to start. They will be able to help you and give you the most up-to-date advice surrounding your situation alongside the personal care and attention your case needs. 


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