Impacting Business Growth Using Effective Packaging Designs

Scientifically speaking, a human being’s attention span is minimal, which means that if a specific object fails to capture their attention at first glance, then there’s virtually no chance that the person would be interested in that particular product. An effective packaging design embodies this principle and uses the necessary materials and techniques to make a product look as presentable as possible. To better understand why Australian businesses pour hundreds of millions of dollars into researching and developing designs and compositions of different products, people must first understand how basic human nature comes into play.

How Product Packaging Plays A Vital Role In Shaping Customer Preferences:

The brain plays a critical role in selecting the best product available among several choices present. This can be attributed to the subconscious part of the neural system, which is at play here. With Australia’s packaging industry at the core of every product sales and retail, it might seem a little unwarranted that many research divisions go through all the hassle to create the perfect packaging design that can capture a customer’s attention and, in return, boost preferences and product sales. Contrary to popular belief, the statistics show otherwise. Various researches into the topic have shown just how much it impacts a customer’s shopping decisions and using this data, a business can enhance sales and predict growth or loss. Take a look at some of the reasons why a business must utilise an effective packaging design strategy for its business growth:

  1. The right design will boost brand recognition and promulgate the company’s image to the target audience.
  2. They can act as emotional symbols, which allows a customer to see the story behind them. This creates an attachment that makes consumers adhere to a specific product or brand.
  3. Potent design strategies will convey the right information in a short period. Everything about the product should ideally be grasped in seven seconds or less.
  4. Unique designs can set companies apart from their competitors, and in a country filled with millions of businesses, it is necessary to stand out to thrive.

How To Ensure That An Efficient Product Packaging Design Generates A Good Rate Of Return?

  1. Make sure that the brand symbol is unique in its way and can communicate the niche in which it specialises. The design must have enough details to convey what the product is and what it’s about.
  2. Always focus on the target audience as they will ensure customer loyalty to a great extent. Proper research into the market and efficient strategies must be put in place if companies are looking for positive feedback in the long run.
  3. Try to incorporate a story that can help customers connect with the product or the brand emotionally. Great brands like Nike incorporate their brand logos into packaging materials which instantly raises their market value. In this case, customers aren’t buying a product; they’re buying a story that will be a part of the journey.
  4. The design or the material of the packaging should not, in any way, impede environmental safety or be negative to the culture or the community as a whole. Once a bad mark is incurred, it’s very difficult to wipe that off from a company’s reputation.

Packaging is an extension of the brand and its image, and it can either build a company’s market portfolio or ruin it. Being an influential indicator of a product’s quality, effective designs are now as important as ever, especially with most of Australia’s market now making up a significant portion of the country’s e-commerce sector.

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