Impact of OnlyFans on Society and Relationship


OnlyFans is probably one website that we all love to subscribe to but avoid talking about. Like thousands of other subscription-based websites, subscribers can get full access to content on OnlyFans by paying a monthly fee. The big difference is that on OnlyFans, you pay exclusively to see content from your favorite influencer.

It started as a platform for performers to provide video clips and photos to fans for a monthly subscription fee. Still, today, the site is visited chiefly to access nudes and different type of content, including pornographic content.

It may surprise you, but sex workers and porn artists are the most famous content creators on OnlyFans.

So, what is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a content subscription service where the subscribers pay a fee for a month to get content from their favorite content creator in return, or sometimes pay-per-view for a post. How much content you get depends on your budget and your needs.

It’s not just a platform for sex workers and porn artists but also different content creators ranging from chefs, fitness trainers, yoga trainers to musicians. However, most people only subscribe to OnlyFans to view nude and porn videos.

People on hordes visit the website every day to find exclusive content. The site claims to have over 80 million registered users, with on average 500,000 new users subscribing every day.

It’s no surprise that the website is growing in popularity, but we shouldn’t deny that the controversy surrounding its impact on society and relationships is also growing.

So, is it something to worry about?

Well, it depends on whom you ask. Talking in favor of content creators, subscription-based sites like OnlyFans have helped them recover economically and find a more reliable source of monthly income.

BusinessInsider on Aug 2020 reported that,

“Demand for virtual sex services has skyrocketed since the coronavirus pandemic began. And for some newly unemployed people, selling nude photos and videos online has become a part of the quarantine routine.”

This is a significant reason why the numbers of subscribers on OnlyFans skyrocketed in the last one and half years.

In March 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of OnlyFans adult content creators increased by 40%, and the number of users on the site increased from 7.5 million to 85 million.

Max Thrusts, one of the explicit content creators on OnlyFans, said this on Quora about earning easy money on the platform.

Self-promotion through social media. Once you start building fans, the creator’s page is featured and suggested to others. $100 a day is easy. 200 fans at $14.99 make that.

It makes it clear that many people are dependent on such a subscription-based site to earn extra cash.

How do people in real-life relationships react to their partners subscribing to sites like OnlyFans? wrote a fascinating article about OnlyFans’ impact on relationships. They asked if subscribing to OnlyFans imply as cheating. Many interviewed partners said that their partner subscribing OnlyFans is the same as paying for porn and sex.

Ella, an interviewee, found out that her partner was subscribing to seven other women on OnlyFans. She said asking her partner to empathize helped him understand her concerns.

“I asked him how he would feel if I had done the same thing. And he said that he would’ve been upset.”

Experts advise that each partner should seek consent before subscribing to adult sites.

Clinical sexologist Naomi Hutchings said that they could approach the topic by asking something open-ended like -What do you think about people who use OnlyFans.

She also warned that they should be wary of banning their partner from adult sites,

“I think we have a right in relationships to ask your partner certain things, but also they have a right to say no.”

Has it affected the relationship between content creators and their relatives?

It may surprise you, but the content creators are open about their choices with their family members. It isn’t unusual for both adults and youngsters to access websites like OnlyFans and surprisingly find their parent or children posting nude photos and clips, and sometimes sex scenes, for their fans.

Mirror Magazine posted an article about two different such cases:

The most interesting case of OnlyFans came in May 2021 when 19-year old Leonardo Hathaway from London created the OnlyFans account for his mother so she could continue her glamor career and he could earn extra pocket money.

Another OnlyFans content creator Kerry Katona revealed that her 13-year old daughter is the one who takes her raunchy pictures to upload to OnlyFans.

This suggests that both content creators and their relative is quite open about each-others choices.

And then there are other issues like the safety of the OnlyFans site in terms of personal safety and economic security. Many content creators are stalked and harassed by clients, sometimes leaking the creator’s personal information.


Unlike porn, the connection felt with a performer on OnlyFans is direct. The site helps tap into the kind of intimacy that people are missing in life that comes from knowing each other. Hence, we can say that sites like OnlyFans are here to stay and thrive, but how it affects, society and relationships is yet to be seen.

So, is it good idea to delete Onlyfans Account?

Well, It depends on what you are getting from OnlyFans. Some people tend to delete Onlyfans account when they come to know more about the platform. Some opt-out because they are charged unnecessarily. Some also have left as they got into relationship and want to avoid the fuss with their partner.

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