iFun Screen Recorder Review

In recent years, screen recorders have seen major changes, and now there are several free ways to catch anything on your screen. No software limitations need to be addressed or a license acquired.

iFun is one of the market’s free online screen recorders. The screen recording software is impressive and offers functionality that rival paid solutions. You can also capture audio in any region of the display and device capture. You can also save records in your preference preferred format.

iFun online screen recorder is the perfect option for most consumers, including professionals and developers, because of its wide range of features. Since many of you seem keen to learn more about this great screen capture tool, let’s take a look at some of its main features.

Main Features Of iFun Online Screen Recorder

1. Flexible Screen Recorder With Audio

iFun screen recorder allows users to choose any part of the screen, whether it’s the whole desktop or just a small app window for recording. It also operates on multi-display configurations.

Also, the app can capture sound simultaneously from the built-in microphone or an external headset with audio from your computer.

2. Screenshot Feature With Online Screen Recorder

Suppose you work on a video guide and want to take screenshots for more guidance as well. All you need to do with iFun Screen Recorder is press a hotkey, grabs part of your screen, and saves it in a separate folder as a screenshot.

3. Video Editing Tools

You can also directly edit it from the iFun screen recorder until you finish recording. 3. The integrated video editor is easy to use and provides essential editing features (e.g., crop, trim, cut).

Although your standard pro video editing suite will not be replaced, the integrated editing tools come in handy to install another piece of software on your PC just for slight adjustments.

4. Supports Different Formats

You can save your screen captures in 12 different formats, allowing you to play your videos on any medium device type. 4. MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, MOV, TS, and more are among the most common video formats. You can also export GIFs for your creations!

5. Zero Lag

As long as a relatively modern processor is available for your PC or laptop, you need not face a device laden on high-definition display recording. iFun has sufficiently configured the software for using less than 10% of CPU power and less machine memory than most other on-the-market screen recording tools.

6. Safe And Free To Use

iFun provides some of the best free Windows utilities, and no exception is the iFun Screen recorder. On any platform, it is safe to install and use. iFun does not bug you with interruptive ads or apply watermarks to your records, unlike most other free screen recorders. Also, you can record your PC screen as long as you have no video length restrictions.

How To Record Screen On Windows 10 Using iFun

It is easier for users to record their screens for the iFun screen recorder. Just a few steps are required when you install the software on your Windows PC, which we have outlined in detail below:

  1. First, double click the shortcut on your desktop for the iFun screen recorder.
  2. Next, select the option “Select an area” to record the entire screen or select a portion of it.
  3. Make sure it says ON under the Speaker choice if you want to record sound. In the screen recording, it is also possible to allow Mic and see the mouse clicks.
  4. To start capturing the screen, press the red REC button.
  5. The floating surface on the display can be stopped and stopped. The screenshot choice is also easy to reach.
  6. You can access the saved video from the Video List tab when you’re finished filming.

In the recording settings tab, if you want to modify the video resolution, image rate, quality, and alter the output format. You can also pick and customize the audio format for your desired destination folder from here.

So, you can use the iFun online screen recorder for recording your desktop screen with ease.

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