How to Install IDM Crack on Your iPhone?

If you love to organize your music on several computers and want to enjoy sharing the same songs on several computers, then IDM Crack is the right program for you. What are IDM Cracks? Well, an IDM Crack is simply a code that you type into the IDM login box to activate the program. Once the code is in place, all you need to do is save all your files on any computer using the IDM Crack. With IDM on the computer, you will quickly access lightning-fast downloads and store multiple files on a single screen.

How does it work?

When you enter the correct password into the IDM Crack tab, you will be prompted to enter a web address where you want to transfer your files. When you have typed the code, hit the download button and wait for the speed of your internet download manager to increase.

How do you use IDM Crack?

Well, the first step is to download and install the IDM Crack software. Next, make sure your internet connection speed is fast. Then, open up IDM Crack and click ‘Search’ to locate your files. When the IDM Crack finds your files, it will prompt you to either save them or close the browser to prevent future delays.

How do I know my serial key?

Well, once you have entered the correct password when you created the IDM Crack, you will see your IDM serial key printed on the IDM Crack screen. This is basically your access code, which will allow you to perform unlimited searches, as well as transfer unlimited files to other users. Once you are finished searching, you will see that your serial key has been added to your IDM Crack account.

Now, let us continue learning how to speed up your downloads! Open up IDM Crack and then click on the ‘Downloads’ tab. If you are not prompted to download the program, then you need to click on the button with the green arrow. Click the Download button and wait for the program to scan your system.

When the download manager opens up, you will see all your IDM Crack and other cracked iPhone programs in one big list. Look at the right side of the screen and you will see two columns of downloaded files. The one on top contains the newest IDM Crack and the other contains the older 3.5 version of the program. Click any download manager that is listed below for the latest release.

Advanced Settings

Now let us move on to the advanced settings tab. This section allows you to change the default setting for IDM Crack, which is “Use My Computer”, to “iPhone Only”. Furthermore, changing this setting will enable you to use your iPhone for music downloads instead of using the iPod. If you want to use the iPod, simply switch back to the iPod model from the IDM Crack download manager. If you want to use your iPhone only, then simply change this setting from “ydia” to “ios”.

Final Step

The last step is to open your personal computer and connect your iPhone to it through a USB cable. Once your iPhone is connected to your computer, open up iTunes. You can locate your saved files in the Music or Movies section. In order to access the official website of the application, simply search for it in the search field on the left pane of the iTunes window. Once you have located the said website, just follow the instructions given and you will be on your way towards downloading the official iPhone app of IDM Crack.

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