How videos can improve your social media presence?

Ever wondered why TikTok, Instagram reels, and Youtube have such massive audiences? You are right if you said it’s because of various types of video content.

With around 4.55 billion social media users around the world, social media is not limited to a platform where you connect with your friends and family. Social media platforms are a way to communicate to a larger audience, build your business with potential customers and clients, promote your brand identity, etc. The more engaging the content, the more audience it gains.

Through this blog, you will get to know 10 ways of video content marketing/ using video content to improve your social media presence.

Why Video Content?

The purpose of any type of content on social media platforms is to make things easier for the audience to understand and interact with. What could be better than video content?

  • It makes it easier for your audience to visualize.
  • It hooks your audience and makes them stay longer.
  • It gives a better return on investment, according to HubSpot Research.
  • It helps get a higher ranking when included in the website on Google.

The type of video content you use on different social media platforms may be long-form videos and also short-form videos. Long-form videos include live stream videos and videos in IG stories, Youtube, Facebook, and Linkedin, while short-form videos are those that are shared on Facebook and Instagram stories, Instagram reels, TikTok, Youtube Shorts, etc.

Video content strategies are also used in social media platforms to circulate contents that include texts, audio, and even images. This varies depending on your niche and your target audience.

How can videos improve your social media presence?

With many social media platforms and different types of available content, there are many ways you can use videos to improve your social media presence. Let’s take a look at 10 types of videos to improve your social media presence:

Tell a Story

Story-telling is an art that connects to the emotions of your audience directly. Tell the story about yourself, what inspires you, etc., to create a bond with your audience. It can also be used to create hype among your audience in cases when there is a launch of your product, business or event.

Many of your audience may even find inspiration through your video that tells a story. With more people relating to your story and wanting to be a part of your journey, you boost your social media presence and gain organic followers.

Make informative videos

Knowledge and learning videos are sought by many around the world in this digital age, where anyone can learn anything from anywhere. Making informative videos builds awareness and lays a foundation for your brand or business. These types of videos in social media play a major role in the conversion of your audience into your customers or clients.

Demonstrate something through videos

Videos that explain ‘How-To’ do something will keep a consistent flow of the organic audience. These types of videos are mostly creative step-by-step videos that help your audience to understand the know-how of your product or any other expertise. It can also be a demonstration of creative and technical know-how like art and craft, cooking, designing, software usage, etc.

Helping out someone do something can keep your social media platforms engaged, and those who value and want to learn more from you gradually become your clients/customers.


‘Video blogs’ or Vlogs are videos that give a consistent update of your business or expertise. These may be short or long-form videos and help your audience and customers to keep up with ‘what’s trending.’ Being consistent helps in boosting your social media presence with time.

Vlogs also let your audience see more of the informal side of your business, thereby making them develop trust and familiarity with your business.


Behind-the-scenes videos are highly on-trend on various social media platforms. Through these videos, you let your audience and followers into the process of what you put out to them. This can be a workspace tour, a sneak peek at your tools, etc. Maybe even bloopers!

This gives them insights and understanding of not just the product but the effort that goes into the final product or service that they avail themselves.

Animated videos

Animation videos are a creative way to express your ideas and market your product to your audience. It makes it easier for people to understand and also saves you from having to explain!

Animated videos also range from 2D and 3D animated videos to whiteboards, typography, and even making Avatars to represent your products or expertise.

Take interviews

Bringing in experts in your area of expertise can give your audience confidence in your product, service, or business. The interviews may not just be limited to experts, but also influencers, your long-term customers/ clients sharing their word about you.

It will also help your audience understand your niche in depth. This will help in boosting not just your social media presence but also your business.

Live stream

Live streaming from time to time gives you a chance to understand your audience better and directly interact with them. This can be by answering questions asked during life or taking suggestions and feedback. You may also engage guests in the live events. This increases the engagement and reach of your social media handles.

Product Reviews and Testimonials

Around 93% customers use online reviews given by third parties before purchasing a product. In today’s market, product reviews and testimonials are highly valued content. Your audience grows with positive reviews and testimonials. This is possible when your product or service is used by experts, influencers, or your audience themselves to share video reviews and testimonials.

Reviews and testimonials of your products and services are major factors that directly have an impact on your business and social media presence.

Promote User Generated Content

User-generated content is those that may be posted on social media platforms or sent to you by your audience about your products or services. These are free and honest content that you may promote that helps your followers. You may also share compilation videos of user-generated content that not just include videos but also texts, images, etc.

To Conclude

With rising competition and a wide range of options in the world turning completely digital, building a social media presence has become more important than ever. However, it is not limited to the social media presence, but the creativity, consistency, and easiness with which the audience connects that help a business grow.

And going through the social media handles and this blog itself has given you an understanding of how important video content has become.

Now it’s time to make that video and grow your following!

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