How to write essays and articles expertly and quickly

With growing time, people show their amazement at how they can get so much done. They think that people might be getting writing helper for their work, which is somehow true. However, not for writing their paper but the tech and other factors they use to write correctly. It is the writer who only knows how many hours they have idled away doing nothing, demur. However, they have some effort in everything and become prolific writers later on.

Many writers play some part as tenacity, but their motive is to show a simple strategy for writing your essays and articles expertly and instantly. It helps plan your paper covering all parts of it and enables you to make a complete and final draft of it.

Choose a topic that you think is good. Brainstorm and think of all the possible aspects of it. The introduction must be strong enough to make the reader continue reading to the next paragraph because the second paragraph portrays the entire section’s theme. Some people write executive summaries and abstracts for accomplishing this task. However, it would be best to do this because you are stating the entire article or essay in one paragraph. You would call this paragraph the ‘lede’ if you were writing a news article. Henceforth, a person can read just a single section and know what you are trying to say.

The question is, how do you write this paragraph? As per the reporters, writing the lede is the hardest part of writing an article. You cannot write it in a single section if you do not know what the story is. The reporter will sift through several ways and different angles for finding a way to tell it.

There are your choices of types of essays or articles:

  • Argument: trying to convince someone of something
  • Explanation: telling why something happened and not something else
  • Definition: stating what a concept or a word means
  • Description: identifying the qualities and properties of things

An argument is a collection of sentences, also known as propositions, to convince the readers regarding something. Perhaps, the writer would try to persuade people to take some action, vote a certain way, buy some product, or believe a sure thing.

An explanation tells the readers why something happens or is coming in. it looks at some phenomenon or event to show the readers what sort of things come up to that phenomenon or event, what caused it to happen it or why it comes to be this way. 

A definition states what a concept, word, or phrase means. There are multiple ways to define different things. A report always includes two parts, i.e., the set of sentences (or ‘propositions’) that do the defining and the word or concept being defined.

Lastly, a description identifies the qualities and properties of things about some person, object, or state of affairs. Stories might be of unary properties like taste, color, shape, or might describe a relation between the object and one or more other objects.


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