How to Watch Olympics on Kodi?

Olympic games are one of the earliest sports competitions which began early in the 8th century BC in Olympia, Greece. Olympic games are still now organized with a four-year interval alternating between summer games and winter games every two years. Olympic games are one of the most prestigious sports competitions and competent sportsmen from all over the world wait for an opportunity to participate in the Olympics and win a medal for themselves and their country! Winning an Olympic medal is a sign of prestige and huge success both for the player and the country he belongs to!

Since viewers need to wait for four long years to watch an Olympic gain, and also owing to its high prestigious standing as well as a golden opportunity for the viewers to witness the thrilling competition between extremely talented sportsmen from all over the world competing in a wide range of interesting games it is obvious that the craze over Olympics is extremely high not only among sports lovers but also among the general population. It is one of a kind experience that can give users immense pleasure in the whole process. They shall forever remember it. But a common question asked over the internet is that how can one watch Olympic games easily without spending much money. The easiest answer is by using Kodi! But what exactly is Kodi. Let us discuss this in detail.

What is Kodi software?   

Kodi is open-source software, that is it is available free of cost! It is a kind of media player which is extremely user friendly. This can be easily used to stream Olympic games. Moreover, Kodi has a brilliant user interface and is portable. Kodi software is compatible with all popular devices such as Apple, Mac, Android, etc. But to ensure maximum security for the users Kodi software must be paired with a good Virtual Private Network (VPN) to ensure maximum protection. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to watch Olympic games using Kobo software.

Stepwise guide on how to watch Olympic games using Kodi

  • The first step should be to subscribe to an authentic VPN and login into it using one’s user name and password
  • Then we need to set up and install the subscribed VPN in our device and select a particular addon from Kodi software according to one’s convenience. Some of the add ons that can aid the users in streaming Olympic games are NTV, The Alpha, BBTS, Evolve, Navi X, CBC sports, Eurosport Player, etc.
  • The add ons can be added by first clicking on the Settings button and then Clicking on Options where one will find the add-on option. Clicking on this would lead to the “install from zip file” option”. Then further clicking on the zip file will automatically install it and update it on the device. Here, on the notification bar we need to select the “install from repository” option. This would finally add the channels inappropriate categories.
  • Then the user needs to select the location of the server from where they want to stream the Olympics games
  • Then the user needs to select the desired channel from where they want to stream the Olympic games. Channels like, BBC 2, Yahoo TV, NBC Live, CCTV, ARD, Seven Network, etc. which are easily available on Kobo stream Olympic games live. Hence users can opt from any of these channels according to their choice to watch Olympic games using the Kodi software.
  • Finally, the user needs to click on the connect option and then the streaming of the Olympic games would start automatically.

Caution should be undertaken by the users to avoid some channels which are less reliable owing to unofficial stream, copyright issues, and lack of technical affiliation hence posing risk to the user’s online security.


Thus, the step-by-step procedure to watch Olympic games using the Kodi software has been discussed in detail. The users can easily follow these steps and stream Olympic games using Kodi software free of cost. But one must follow the above-mentioned cautions and use a secure VPN and opt for safe add-on options and channels to ensure maximum cybersecurity and watch the Olympic games with family, friends, and close ones and enjoy it thoroughly without any kind of worry or take the help from the site, it will help you in such tenical solutions.


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