How to watch local TV Channels without Cable?

If you are sick of your pesky cable TV bills but want to enjoy watching your favorite local channels, you should be glad to know that it is not something impossible. Yes! You can bypass your cable TV subscription to save all your money yet continue accessing high-quality entertainment. There are many effective ways that we have jot down here for you. You might need seamless internet connectivity but that is something that has become a necessity. You cannot function properly without reliable and high-speed internet like a Mediacom internet subscription. If you have one, then it will be even easier for you. So yes, it is high time to wave goodbye to your current cable TV subscription and free yourself from pricy cable bills. With a sound internet connection, you can stream your favorite local channels on the internet. Are you still puzzled about how? Well dive in as we walk you through all the information you can ask for:

How to Access Free Local TV for Free?

Here is a look at some of the most convenient ways to enjoy free access to local channels and bypassing the hefty cable TV bills completely. You would require a seamless internet connection to be able to stream online. Or you might have to buy an affordable antenna to be able to enjoy watching broadcast channels for free. Let us have a look!

Stream Local Channels 

You can stream the local networks online by making use of a live streaming service. You can purchase a Roku device ideally and enjoy watching the channels easily on your TV screen. 

Using a TV Antenna

You can buy a TV antenna that comes in different range and sizes. It is a very affordable option as they are cheaper. In case you have a digital TV, it might have a digital tuner. If it’s not digital then you can simply convert your TV set with a digital converter box. Now it is time to install a TV antenna. You can choose a suitable antenna according to your TV set. For that, you can perform some basic research on the internet. They come with different transmission ranges at different price tags. You should consider the one that is cheaper and is more compatible with your TV model. Place it at a nice spot with better receptivity. 

Accessing Local Channels on Hulu Live TV

You can stream local channels on Hulu TV as it streams live TV. This live streaming service involves ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, and even CW in some markets. You can check the zip code for Hulu to check which local channels are available. 

Accessing Local Channels on YouTube

YouTube TV is also an outstanding option if you want to access local channels through the internet. You can watch your favorite live channels including ABC, NC, Fox, etc. So you can check the zip code first, to find out the live channels that YouTube TV provides in your area. 

YouTube TV is one of the best services for watching local channels online. Since there is no contract signing requirement, you do not have to worry about any addtional charges in case you have to quit the service due to any reason. 


Locast is another appealing option to enjoy live channels over the internet for free of cost. But its services are accessible for around 20 cities. It allows you to stream on your TV set, with the help of a compatible device like Roku or Amazon Fire TV. 

Other Options Available 

You can also check out FuboTV as it lets you enjoy FOX, CBS, or NBC. It also provides access to networks like FS1, beIN Sports, BTN, FS2, and many more. 

Using Network TV Apps

You might also stream your desirable local channels by making use of their apps. In ideal cases, you can enjoy all the prime time shows for free. These network TV apps include NBC App, FOX App, The CW, ABC App, PBS, and others. 

Wrapping Up,

Nowadays there are many effective alternate options available to access local channels of your choice without the need for a cable TV subscription. If you have an internet connection, it is easier than ever to enjoy free access to live TV and save your money. 

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