How to Unlock a Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone?

I’m sure we all feel a bit used and abused by large corporations at some point in our lives. Believe it or not, they are founded on good intentions. This includes creating value for themselves, of course, but also for us. Sadly, some industries still seem to have lost their way. For example, the mobile phone industry. As most of you probably know, many countries lock their mobile phones. This means that you can only use them with the service provider you bought them from. This causes many frustrations when travelling, amongst other reasons. So, we’ll help you with details on how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 phones. 

Why Lock Phones?

First, it’s probably worth understanding some background. It would be nice to think that the concept of locking devices started off innocently to protect users from fraud. Regardless, it seems that today, it’s more about protecting companies from losing their users to competitors. This is why some countries, for example Singapore, forbid SIM locking as well as contract and phone bundling for anti-competitive reasons.

In fact, it appears that the only countries that don’t lock their phones are China, Chile, Israel, Singapore and Thailand. Hopefully things are constantly evolving but it’s interesting to see that the majority of the world has some form of restriction on their mobiles. This all seems very surprising when you consider that we almost see mobile phones as part of our right to freedom. Mobiles are a lifeline when we get lost, or we break down in the middle of nowhere. For those lucky enough to live in countries such as Singapore, SIM swapping with friends is a common occurrence when devices run out of batteries.

Why unlock phones?

  • Traveling
  • Lost pin
  • New Service Provider
  • Increases value

Not everyone travels, so you might wonder why you would ever need to unlock a phone. One reason could be when you’ve forgotten your pin code and you can’t get into your phone anymore. Sometimes though, you can simply call your service provider for help. This is true whether you’re trying to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 phones or any other brand.

The more obvious reason for locking phones, though, is to encourage healthy competition. You might be halfway through your contract and realize that one of the other service providers offers a better price for your usage and lifestyle. However, you can change it straight away if you have an unlocked phone. This is particularly attractive when you consider that contracts are now 2 years due to the higher cost of handsets. Of course, you can break your current contract, pay the termination fees and switch over. However, you don’t really want to do this every few months because the termination fees will start adding up.

Finally, an unlocked device is worth more if you ever want to sell it after you’ve upgraded. This is also a more environmentally friendly approach. This is because your phone will provide more usage as it’s less likely to be thrown away immediately. Read latest article on

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Phones?

There are many third-party unlocking service providers and the great thing is that it’s completely legal. It’s as easy as filling in a form and sending it to them through their website. They can then search for a code specific to your phone so you can unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 phones and other brands.

It’s worth pointing out that when filling in the request form to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 phones, you’ll need to provide information about your phone including the model and carrier. You’ll also need to give them your IMEI code. However, don’t worry if you don’t know what that is. because you can obtain this code very easily by dialing *#06# into your phone. Alternatively, you can find it in settings under your About Phone.

Some service providers unlock your phone for a short period of time. They’ll charge you a fee but will only do this if you have a genuine reason. Naturally, they are the judges of what a genuine reason looks like. Therefore, opting for an unlocking service provider is a more guaranteed and lasting option.

Final Words on How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Mobiles

Once you unlock your phone, you’ll be able to enjoy the freedom of choice of the carrier you use. You’ll also be able to swap SIM cards easily. Perhaps this is why most phones in Asia are unlocked because they want to encourage local travel. It’s so easy to land somewhere and pick up a local pay-as-you-go SIM card.

Finally, you can unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 phones from the comfort of your own home with a few clicks thanks to unlocking service providers. The freedom to manage your own mobile costs comes with just a few clicks. Strange as this might sound, you’ll also no longer have those panics when you need to call someone and your phone has died. It will be quick and easy to swap SIM cards with a friend and make that call through their device. Those moments really do become the norm. At the end of the day, mobiles exist to keep us connected and part of a global community. So let’s put an end to digital restrictions and claim our rights back. 

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