How to Transfer WhatsApp Data or Message (Chat) to YoWhatsApp

Do you know how to transfer WhatsApp messages and chats to  Official YoWhatsApp?

You must first learn how to transfer WhatsApp data to YoWhatsApp before you can use YoWhatsApp to replace WhatsApp Messenger on your Android smartphone.

If you’re just moving between applications, all of your WhatsApp data, including chats, media, and call logs, will be lost or wiped when you use YoWhatsApp afterward.

Before switching applications, please read the tutorial on how to copy WhatsApp data to YoWhatsApp below.

How to Use YoWhatsApp to Transfer WhatsApp Data

First, make a backup of your WhatsApp data.

To copy WhatsApp chats or media to YoWhatsApp, you must first back up all of your WhatsApp data to your phone’s storage. Here’s how to sync your WhatsApp account with YoWhatsApp.

1. Go to Other> Settings > Chats > Backup Chat.

2. Tap the Backup button, then wait for the backup of WhatsApp data to finish.

Copying WhatsApp Backup to YoWhatsApp Backup Folder

You’ll need to copy the WhatsApp backup into the YoWhatsApp backup folder to make backup WhatsApp data accessible in the YoWhatsApp app later. The tutorial is available below.

1. Open the File Manager app on your phone and create a new YoWhatsApp folder in the internal storage.

2. Find the WhatsApp folder, open it, and copy all of the subfolders (media, backups, and databases) within.

Note that your WhatsApp backups are stored in the WhatsApp folder.

3. Paste the three WhatsApp subfolders you generated previously into the YoWhatsApp folder.

4. Rename all folders containing the term WhatsApp to YoWhatsApp in the transferred Media folder. The WhatsApp Video folder, for example, becomes the YoWhatsApp Video folder, and other folders follow suit.

This is an important step that should not be overlooked. If you forget, YoWhatsApp won’t be able to locate a backup, and you’ll be bothered by the warning “Can’t find any backup in /sdcard/yowhatsapp ”

WhatsApp Messenger should be uninstalled

The next step is to uninstall WhatsApp Messenger from your Android app.

The backup WhatsApp data will not be lost even if the WhatsApp Messenger app is removed. Hence, there’s no need to be concerned about data loss.

It’s time to download and install the YoWhatsApp app on your Android smartphone now that WhatsApp Messenger has been removed.

Using YoWhatsApp to restore a WhatsApp backup

The last step in the process of transferring WhatsApp messages to YoWhatsApp is to restore the WhatsApp backup data in the YoWhatsApp app.

YoWhatsApp will usually discover the WhatsApp backup you copied in the YoWhatsApp folder you made previously as soon as your mobile phone number has been validated.

All you have to do now is tap the Restore button and wait till the restoration of WhatsApp data on YoWhatsApp is completed 100 percent.

The data transfer between WhatsApp and YoWhatsApp is now complete. You may go back and verify that no conversation or material has been deleted or lost.

A clearer, more full, and extensive tutorial on transferring WhatsApp data to YoWhatsApp may be seen in the video below.


In a few simple steps, you may transfer WhatsApp data, such as chats and media, to YoWhatsApp. Starting with backing up your WhatsApp data, moving your WhatsApp backup to the YoWhatsApp folder, uninstalling WhatsApp Messenger and replacing it with YoWhatsApp, and then restoring your WhatsApp backup to YoWhatsApp.

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