How to Stream BBC iPlayer in Unsupported Regions

Just like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer has a lot of content to offer. As impressive as the streaming platform is, it is not available outside the UK. While streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have different libraries for different regions, BBC iPlayer has one library strictly available in the UK. All is not lost, though, as you can stream BBC iPlayer abroad as long as you use a BBC iPlayer VPN. To learn more, read on. 

What is a VPN?

First and foremost, let’s understand the basics of a VPN. A VPN is a handy tool that gives internet users the ability to connect to VPN servers in different regions. By connecting to a different region, an internet user is assigned a new IP address, making them seem as though they are actually present in the region they are connected to.

Connecting to a VPN server does two things:

  1. Unblocks localized content otherwise unavailable.
  2. Enhances online security and privacy by anonymizing an internet user’s internet traffic. 

If it was not obvious enough, you could actually use a VPN to connect to a UK VPN server to access BBC iPlayer. 

Importance of Finding a Reliable VPN

While most VPNs will let you unblock content, including and not limited to BBC iPlayer, you will need to be careful about what VPN provider you opt for. Finding a reliable VPN is important because you do not want to get compromised online. Even if there is no risk of being compromised, you still do not want your data to be monitored or recorded without your consent. 

So, what is a reliable VPN? A reliable VPN offers a zero logs policy and is entirely transparent about its operations. When a VPN has a zero logs policy, you will not worry about your data being monitored or recorded. Also, when a VPN brand is transparent about its operations, you can rest easy knowing you are in safe hands. 

How to Stream BBC iPlayer in Unsupported Regions via a VPN

Now that you know the importance of a VPN and why you need to find a reliable one, let’s look at how you can use one to stream BBC iPlayer in unsupported regions. To do so, follow these simple steps:

  1. Subscribe to the VPN provider of your choice. 
  2. Download and install the VPN on your device. 
  3. Access the VPN app. 
  4. Connect to a UK VPN server. 
  5. Access BBC iPlayer, and you should be good to go! 

Must Watch BBC iPlayer Movies and TV Shows in 2021

Since you can stream BBC iPlayer, let’s take a look at some movies and TV shows you should check out this year. 

BBC iPlayer Movies 

  • Together

This film features James McAvoy and Sharon Horgan in a comedy-drama during the COVID-19 lockdown, where the married couple is forced to evaluate their relationship after being confined to their residence for seemingly an infinite amount of time. 

  • Small Axe

Small Axe comes from the brilliant mind of Steve McQueen, focusing on race relations during the 1970s in London. 

  • The Eichmann Show

This documentary drama revolves around the trial of Nazi Adolf Eichmann in 1961. 

  • Effie Gray 

Starring Dakota Fanning, Emma Thompson, and Tom Sturridge, this drama is a retelling of a drama that shocked the masses when this film takes place. 

BBC iPlayer TV Shows

  • Ridley Road

A Jewish hairdresser heads to London to find her one true love, only to discover he is missing. 

  • Showtrial

This legal drama sees the daughter of a billionaire go on trial for murder. Did she kill the Bristol student, or is she being used as a convenient scapegoat? 

  • The Serpent

This thriller is the true story of Charles Sobhraj, a serial killer dubbed “The Serpent,” who murdered western tourists during the 1970s. 

  • Time

This thrilling drama follows a guilt-ridden teacher whose life is in utter turmoil after murdering an innocent man, featuring Sean Bean as the murderer. 

With the information provided above, you should now have a clear idea about VPNs, how to use one to unblock BBC iPlayer, and what movies and TV shows to watch on the streaming platform. If you were missing out before, now is your chance to catch up on the massive library that BBC iPlayer has to offer. 

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