How to Replace Razor Electric Scooter Battery

With an electric scooter, you can go around the town, work, the gymnasium, or wherever more. The electric motor formed into the scooter lets you cover considerable lengths. A smooth and eco-friendly vehicle has a definite benefit, but the only downside to its action is that the batteries have to be replaced when they break down or don’t work as well as before.

Replacement is also obliged when the battery is not charged or turned on. You can get a new power battery to an adequate service center, but the owners of electric scooter motors usually try to resolve the battery problem by themselves. Unluckily, sooner or following, you will require a new battery for the engine of your electric scooter motor. Here we will describe step by step how you can replace any razor electric scooter battery.

How to Change Electric Scooters Razor Battery

The razor battery is simple to reinstall, and it takes about 20 minutes approximately.

Some of the tools you require to change an electric scooter battery are-

  • Needle nose pliers
  • Basic screwdriver
  • Allen wrench 4mm
  • 8mm wrench

The first step in battery changing is to switch off the power supply.


To eliminate the deck to uninstall the battery, you must first untwist all the screws. Open the first pair of screws with a screwdriver. Remember to hold all the screws out of there to evade chaos about which screw fits where. Now exclude the Allen bolts by the 8mm Allen wrench. Eliminate the third pair of screws with the screwdriver and exclude the last couple with the wrench and screwdriver.


Expel the old batteries and eliminate the bar that endures the storms in place. Treasure, you also require to eliminate the strings connected to the battery. For this, you necessitate flipping the battery. Then it will be simpler to unplug the cords. There is a big plug that is simple to eliminate by encircling the clip. For the other two pins that are low adequate, you will require a player to pass them. Lead for the plugs and uproot them exactly back. As the batteries are attached, you necessitate to eliminate them quickly.


The most prominent part is to hold the batteries together. While replacing an old battery, try and purchase a brand-new razor battery. Then, place the batteries quickly and set the battery with the long cable on the back of the scooter. Begin laying the wires collectively with the player. First, plug in the bottom cable and then plug in the top wire. The plastic cover of the plug must be connected to the metal connectors to assure that there is a thing that diminishes leakage.


Before reinstalling the tarots, be sure to reinstall the battery tie-down thong with a screwdriver. Lastly, place the deck. All the screws will be in the corresponding point as you excluded them.

After you reinstall the new razor battery, make sure you have charged the battery minimum of eight hours.

In these four simple actions, you can replace the battery of the Razor electric scooter. This method is almost universal; this way, you will introduce replacement batteries for nearly every scooter brand.

Final Thoughts

The battery of an electrical machine is like a fuel tank—the larger the tank, the more fuel you can put in and travel as remote as expedient. Most scooter brands begin with pre-installed batteries, which will last 4-5 years. Once the original batteries are gone, one of the most notable is taking an original replacement battery from a trustworthy vendor. Review the voltage, ampere-hour power, watt-hour power to support your scooter and purchase a battery accordingly.

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