How to plan a Baby Shower- The Ultimate Guide

Motherhood is God’s blessing which comes with a bundle of happiness. The months leading up to the delivery date can be as exciting as the big day for a woman and baby showers are certainly a highlight of that time. A baby shower is a special moment for a mom-to-be to celebrate with her friends and relatives before her family grows by one. There is no clear-cut rule about who can host a baby shower for an expectant mother. Anyone can do it! However, these special events are often hosted by a sister, mother, cousin, grandmother, friend, mother-in-law or even the co-worker of the mom-to-be.

If you have got the chance to host a baby shower for a soon-to-be mother, do realize that you are in for a great treat. You have got an excellent opportunity to play a special part in the most significant event of their life. No doubt, it will be pretty stressful for you; after all, planning a party is no cakewalk! To ease things up, here is a quick guide to take you through the journey of hosting a baby shower. Read on.

Choose a date and time

Usually, showers are held two to four weeks before the due date, though some prefer doing it after the baby has arrived. It’s better you discern the wishes of the expectant parents before proceeding with your plannings. You can ask all the guests when they will be available; weekend afternoons are the most popular time for hosting baby showers.

Select a venue

Though your budget and the number of guests play an important role to decide which type of location would work best for hosting a shower, consider what your guest of honour (mom-to-be) would love. When it comes to the venue, the best place is Home (of the host, soon-to-be-mother or a common friend) because it will be private and comfortable.

But if you want to avoid intensive preparation activities, a restaurant, cafe, or party venue would be a good choice. Just make your bookings and you are set. Venue staff will help you arrange everything. Moreover, you can also personalize the space with your own decoration ideas.

Create a guest list and send invitations

Remember not to miss out on anyone who is close to the expectant couple. There are chances that you do not know everyone close to them. It is good to ask the parent-to-be to help you create a guest list to ensure no one is forgotten. Traditionally, only women attend baby showers. However, the time has changed and both female and male friends are welcomed to the event.

Determine a theme

While it is not a custom to have a baby shower theme, you can incorporate one, going by the trend these days. This will also guide you in selecting shower invitations, decorations and refreshments. You can also consider asking the mom-to-be if she has decided on any theme for her nursery, as this could be a fantastic theme for the shower too.

Organize refreshments

If you are organizing the shower at a venue, food and drinks are something you don’t have to worry about. The staff there will help you make the special arrangements, help you decide upon the refreshments and beverages. They can also prepare a special meal for you and bring a special cake as per your demand.

Now that you know all the basics of organizing a baby shower hope you are not overwhelmed. In case you are, choose one of the best party venues like the Botanica Vaucluse and offer your guests a unique dining experience like never before. They have bespoke event packages that fit into every pocket. You have to contact them, and the rest will be taken care of by them.

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