How To Personalise The Streaming Applications?

Personalisation is a very important feature for which everybody craves nowadays especially in the cases of streaming applications because people want to enjoy the top-notch quality experience for TV shows and movies which they are watching. Hence, there are several kinds of platforms which provide the people with several kinds of advantages and features in the form of personalisation so that they can enjoy a highly enriched experience all the time. One such great streaming application is the oreo tv for pc. The personalisation related features associated with it are mentioned as follows:


  • People can very easily create multiple profiles because all the people who are watching on a streaming platform might not have similar taste. Hence, this particular platform provides people with the complete opportunity of creating up to 6 profiles so that everybody can enjoy in a personalised manner.
  • This platform also comes with the option of taste picker so that one can choose the movies, shows and several other kinds of things which will be interesting them. Hence, this is a very great feature which makes this option very much popular among the people.
  • This particular platform also provides the people with the option of my stuff which can be termed as the personalised hub of the things where several kinds of movies, shows and episodes will be lying and one can have very easy access to them.

As a matter of personalisation, one can also remove the things from watch history very easily which will allow the people to delete specific kinds of shows and movies from the section of the application very well.


Another great application which provides the people with several kinds of personalisation related opportunities is the


  • People can very easily change the overall look of the Roku interface by choosing several kinds of themes which they like. One can change the background, feature themes and seasonal themes very easily and the installation process is also very easy.
  • One can go with the option of changing the screen saver of the Roku streaming device very easily which further provides the opportunity of personalisation.
  • People can go with the option of renaming the Roku streaming devices which is another point associated with personalisation.
  • One can also block the content with the help of parental controls to make sure that children never have access to the adult content and in this way; people can restrict the viewing of several kinds of programs on the broadcast television. These kinds of playback restrictions provide people with several kinds of advantages in the long run.
  • One can also go with the option of configuring the clock settings with the help of several kinds of faces and themes and even the formats and time zones so that one can be always up-to-date.
  • Another point related with personalisation is that the users can also set up the guest mode on the Roku streaming device so that there is no interruption into the already existing shows and other watching history.

Hence, both the above-mentioned applications provide the people with the complete opportunity of an organisation which is a very unique feature that makes them very much popular among people.


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