How to Merge, Protect, and Repair Your PDFs With These GogoPDF Functions

Merging, protecting, and repairing your PDFs will be easy if you use the tools of GogoPDF. Users won’t have any hard time doing the processes because this online software will always help you and provide instructions that you can easily follow. With that, here’s how to merge, protect, and repair your PDFs.

Merge PDF

If you wish to avoid a mess in your computer’s file library, you might want to merge those scattered files into one document. With this online merging function, users are allowed to combine tons of PDF documents into one file. With this process, you don’t have to handle multiple files simultaneously, and it won’t be hard for you to find any needed data. The PDF merge free online function can be accessed through a computer or devices with an internet connection.

If you are still in doubt about the process, try it out yourself! In every merging process, the quality of the combined file is the same as the original ones, and users won’t have to worry about the privacy of their documents because GogoPDF will make sure that they are safe and private. If you are a computer user, you can visit the website of GogoPDF using different operating systems and browsers. With that, here’s how to merge your PDFs easily:

  1. Choose any documents from your PC and upload them to the website. Alternatively, you can drag them into the upload area of GogoPDF.
  2. The server of GogoPDF will start merging your files in a while.
  3. Wait for the online merging function to be done with the process. It will only take you about a few minutes.
  4. Save the excellent quality merged document to your desktop or share it somewhere else.

Protect PDF

Unwanted people accessing your private details is a big problem if you have a computer, tablet, smartphone, and other technological gadgets. The result for these hacking or break-ins’ casualties includes loss of essential documents such as private emails, texts, and work reports. Some victims have their identity, money, and bank statement information stolen.

If you wish to avoid this type of problem, you need to protect your documents by adding passwords. With that said, this online function from GogoPDF can help you anytime. It features 128-bit AES encryption to protect all of your documents from unauthorized people. The transactions you will do on the website are processed with security and safety in mind, and your documents will be encrypted, which is part of the protocol to prevent other people from getting their hands on those files.

If you want to protect your precious documents, there is no better time to do that than right now. Start the first step and use this feature from GogoPDF. Here’s how to do the simple process:

  1. Choose the file you wish to protect. Upload it from your desktop or drag it into the website’s toolbox.
  2. Place the password that you want. Ensure that you are aware of the requirements, which should have symbols, capital letters, and numerals.
  3. Send the file to other individuals through email. You can also send the document link by text message or email.
  4. Download the newly encrypted document to your PC, Google Drive account, or Dropbox.

Repair PDF

Today, most people rely on technology, and based on our environment right now; it’s hard not to. Almost everything is now from any technology, but it isn’t perfect. The same goes for PDFs, and this file format can be corrupted or damage for some reasons like a power outage or virus attack. If you can be frustrated about this case, there are ways to recover a damaged PDF file if you use this feature from GogoPDF.

This online software can extract information from any corrupted PDF files and restores them to be workable again. Additionally, GogoPDF features the cloud system that’s why you can access this function anytime and anywhere. The process will only take less than 50 seconds and a few clicks. With that, here’s how to operate this function:

  1. Choose the PDF file that you want to fix. Upload it from your computer or any online storage websites.
  2. Relax and wait for it.
  3. Share the document link through email with your message and send it to the recipient.
  4. Download the file straight to your computer or upload it to your Google Drive account or Dropbox.


Now that you know how to combine, protect, and repair your PDF files, start using these handy and convenient functions from GogoPDF. These tools are easy to operate, and you don’t need to apply any effort in using them.

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