How to make quick notes when on zoom meetings 

In COVID-19, Zoom classes and meetings have risen amongst many communities. We all know that notes in education are an important task when taking classes while notes are also helpful in meetings. 

When talking about the virtual meetings, the notes become more important for better understanding as well as to remember the key points of the Zoom meeting later.  

There is a common question about the best method of creating quick notes when in Zoom or other types of virtual meetings

There are multiples methods of recording the notes and remember, we all want to have the best method of creating notes for our meeting. 

Some of the things we need to consider includes: 

  • The fastest way to create notes to avoid skipping any key point 
  • Easily accessible things to generate notes
  • Easy to manage the notes for understanding in future 
  • No needs for extra efforts to make notes

In this article, we will discuss some of these methods. 

How to make quick notes

Are you wondering how to create quick notes for class? They make life so much easier when you have everything organized in one place. The other benefit of using this note-taking program is that it will allow you to take unlimited notes for your projects or meetings. 

If you have a meeting or an assignment to do, you won’t have to waste time searching for your notes while you try to attend the meeting. You can take full advantage of this feature by downloading any note-taking application and using it simultaneously. 

  • Manual notes writing

One of the easiest but traditional methods of writing notes for your Zoom Meeting is to manually write all the key points on a piece of paper. 

Although this is an old technique still, it can help you later and in the simplest form. 

There are different pros and cons of this method. We have written some of these below:


  • The ability to focus more on the topic
  • Improves comprehension 
  • It improves the understanding of the topic in a better way 
  • It improves the ability to memorize the key points
  • Helps in creativity
  • Makes your mind more engaging with the topic 
  • Improves your skills especially for prioritization
  • Provides the key points whenever you want


  • It is not an easily accessible method
  • It can be lost easily 
  • It can’t be neat and clean as you might make mistakes when creating notes
  • Using online note-taking apps

Creating quick notes for the class can be done using the Windows desktop pen tool on your computer or with the help of an Online Notepad. A Notepad is simply a special note-taking online application that is easily accessible. 

They are extremely easy to use, and the saving option makes it even easier. With the online note-taking apps, you can type just as you normally would in any word processor, but instead of inserting your handwritten notes into the document, you can insert your typed notes. 

Once you’ve inserted your notes, you can edit them or even make changes before sending them to your class.

Some of the key features of most of the notepads include the ability to count words in your notes, a customizable toolbar, and a special drawing tool. 

It is very easy to use, even if you’ve never created a quick note before. You can draw pictures, write notes, record audio, or play music from your device right on your desktop. If you’re trying to decide how to create quick notes for class, you’ll find that an online text editor will work perfectly. This powerful tool will save you time and provide you with a whole new way to take notes.

The best part about using a notepad is that it is very easy to access and use. You can take notes on assignments without having to go to a separate location or take out your laptop. Since it is so lightweight and portable, you can take notes in class, on your phone, or even on your computer at home. 

Your notes are always ready when you need them, so you don’t have to worry about losing a bunch of important information. Learning how to create quick notes for the class is now easier than ever thanks to this innovative tool.

  • Voice Notes

Voice notes are one of the most efficient and amazing methods of taking notes from your Zoom classes or meetings. Voice Notes means the notes that are taken in the form of a communication voice. 

You might be not able to quickly write notes during the class and this can may skip the important data of the meeting. For this, Voice notes are the best way. 

Moreover, Voice notes automatically transcribe the voice recording into the notes and this way, you get the notes in the form of text. 

Below, we have given the method of how Zoom can automatically record the voice of a meeting using a third-party app. 

How to record voice notes using 

Zoom allows different third-party software to automatically add creative interpretation on the fly. When you hold a meeting, attendees should press the “Otter transcript” in their Zoom window and take notes as they are watching the meeting while they are taking place the new feature was introduced in an entry on Blog last month. has had been able to play recordings for years. The real-time transcription function can speed up the recording process, while at the same time making it easy to track and change the important passages when they’re fresh in your mind. 


With everything getting advance due to technology, we can create notes with a better format which not only makes it easier to understand rather when you send it to any other person, he/she can easily understand it. 

With advancement, the voice notes can easily create notes without your interaction. For example, if you are concentrating on hearing all the meetings or classes, the voice recorder and transcriber will automatically record and translate the voice into the text to make notes. 

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