How to make good notes in class 11th commerce

Class 11th is the most crucial stage for any student pursuing Commerce. Hence, it is essential for the students to approach their preparation in a strategic fashion. In this context, the role of a good note is always significant. Specifically, considering the vastness of the syllabus in class 11th Commerce, preparing a proper note for quick referral is crucial. However, there are many students who find it tough to make notes. Mostly, these students depend upon other students for preparing their notes. Anyway, the following abstracts can be useful for these students looking forward prepare their own notes. Download IPMAT Coaching .

Business Studies: A quick read is crucial

Preparing notes for Business Studies is challenging. Moreover, it gets tough to prepare notes because of the theoretical nature of the subject. Hence, one needs to first go through the entire book thoroughly to cover the key sections well. It’s often difficult to find the important parts of a theoretical subject. However, one may make things a bit simpler by referring to the heading and subheading sections. One can easily find these at the beginning. Begin the process of note-making from these sections. Specifically, those who have less time in hand should go with this strategy. Most importantly, one should underline or use special markings for the technical terms. Indeed, using the right term is crucial in Commerce. The best part, underlining these terms helps for quick reference just before the examination. It would be even better to have a different section altogether to note down these terms separately. Moreover, it helps during the revision days and saves time.

But, noteworthy here is that one can only figure out these things after going through the book well. Otherwise, it will be tough to have clarity about the right usage of these terms. Hence, first, go through the book well.

Economics: Statistics is the most crucial section

Economics is certainly one of the most crucial subjects for commerce students. In general, the subject contents often differ a bit from books to books, as per the board. But, one thing that is constant for all is Statistics. In short, only the theoretical mostly differ from books to books. It means one may simply focus on the Statistics part while preparing the note. About theoretical parts, one needs to go through it as everything in it matters. Specifically, the Indian Development section is crucial. Watch free IPM Mock Test by Commercedge.

Coming to Statistics, it is important to first note the formulae down. Most importantly, one needs to note these all in a separate section of the notebook. Needless is to say that formulae are crucial for solving problems. However, one needs to keep noting down the formula in concurrence with studying each paper. Hence, one can easily cover all the things by the end of the year. The best part, it can provide a quick overview of all sections.   

Anyway, Statistics has a theoretic section. But, the good news is that this section is quite small. Hence, one may simply follow the questionnaires or question-answer section to cover it all quickly.  

Accountancy: Covering the chapters is the key 

Accountancy is extremely crucial for commerce students. Specifically, the class 11th Accountancy paper is crucial from a career perspective. In fact, one may refer to some sections of class 11th during courses as well. In the case of Accountancy, clarity about the topic is crucial. Hence, one needs to cover all the chapters. Most importantly, prepare a quick summary of the chapter of a few lines to post going through the same. Specifically, one needs to pay emphasis to the definition of formulas and journal entries. One needs to be as specific and correct as possible while covering these sections. Above all, solve a few questions in relation to the concept soon after going through it. One needs to do this quickly as things might get difficult to remember later. Avoid messing these things with the theories.

English: Focus on question-answers 

English is one subject that Commerce students often neglect. Yes, it is not a core subject for a Commerce student. But, everything matters when it comes to a career. However, rather than preparing comprehensive notes, one should rather prepare through question-answers. Specifically, practicing the chapter end questions is also quite enough. In the case of novels, one may simply go through the summary and figure out the key sections. Overall, one who practices the question-answers well can easily cover things all.     

Those having Entrepreneurship as their subject should follow the above approach considering that it’s entirely theoretical in nature. Comparatively, it is easier as a subject than in Mathematics. 

So, one can effectively prepare notes for class 11 Commerce upon following the above strategies. 

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