How To Make a Video On The Quik App

Use Quik for portable to its maximum capacity! Here is a bit-by-bit instructional exercise for making new recordings utilizing Quik for versatility. 

Stage 1 – Select Photos and Videos 

Tap on the + catch to begin making your video. 

Select your components: it can be PHOTOS, LIVE PHOTOS, and VIDEO CLIPS. 

Quik just backings Video Timelapses, not Photo Timelapses. 

You need to select at least five photographs or one video clip, and you can choose up to 200 components. Remember that the more media you add, the more extended the video will take to send out. 

You can browse three tabs: Photos, GoPro+ and GoPro. To rapidly see an element, long press on it. 

When you select recordings to import, you can add HIGHLIGHTS to disclose to Quik apps where the best minutes in your video are. The media picked will be analyzed and put into your video. On the off chance that the media are locally on your gadget, it will be very quick; in any case, if there are situated on the Cloud, it will take longer, and you’ll require a decent web association. Once your media are downloaded, the PREVIEW of your video will begin. Contingent upon the number of things you chose, it can require some investment to produce the review. 

Step 2 -Choose a video style. 

The main symbol under the review is to pick a VIDEO STYLE; there are loads of them with heaps of various impacts! Give them a shot and track down the one that best fits what you’re searching for. How your pictures and video cuts are shown will rely upon the video style you pick, they all have an alternate look and feel, different graphics, impacts, textual styles, channels, advances, various methods of showing your media. 

Step 3 -Edit your video. 

While your video sees it is playing, you can change to the EDIT VIEW by taping the PENCIL icon. 

Step 4 -Choose the music

The second symbol under the see gives you the likelihood to change or erase the MUSIC. 

If your music track is on the Cloud, it will be shown in dim when you tap on it; we will offer you to download it on the Music App to utilize it in Quik. 

Stage 5 – Organize your video 

The third symbol under the review is the TIMELINE; it permits you to reorder your video rapidly. 

Step 6 -Choose Video Options 

The fourth symbol, the little wrench under the review, gives you more VIDEO OPTIONS.

Step 7 -Save and Share your video. 

Whenever you’ve reviewed your video, you can SHARE it and SAVE it: tap on the “save” button on the base right corner. 


This rundown will show applications that are introduced to your gadget. This will transfer your video to our workers and post a connection with your video. Here’s an illustration of the applications you could see: 

If you erase your video from the Quik Home screen, this will erase it from its online video page. 

SAVE TO YOUR CAMERA ROLL: We prescribe that you always save all recordings to camera roll that way; they won’t ever be lost. Do as such by tapping on “Photograph Library.” If you take the recordings straightforwardly from your gadget, you will get a .mov

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