How to Make a Picture Collage Online

Photo collages are a great way to combine your best shots into one package. This used to be a tough task to do as software was very limited decades ago. Now, you can easily make a collage using a free online collage maker that you can find by searching Google or other search engines.

You can use Photoshop and other high-end photo editing tools to create collages. However, most of these tools come at a price. Moreover, they are more complicated as compared to a free online collage maker you can easily find. Here’s how you can create amazing collages using this free software.

  • Choose A Software

There are various free online collage maker software you can find online. A simple Google search using the term will direct you to a few already. You can pick from any of these. Keep in mind that most of these collage makers come with a free version and a premium version.

You can gain access to most of the features on the free version. The premium version gives you access to more formats, filters, and features, among others. If you are looking to use the platform in the long run, we highly suggest paying for the premium version as it will be worth it.

Be careful when looking for software to use though. There may be some websites that are made for the sole purpose of scamming others. As a general rule of thumb, these collage makers shouldn’t ask for any personal details. If they ask for some, that should serve as a big red flag you need to be cautious about.

  • Choose Photos For The Collage

Next comes the hard part which is choosing the photos for your collage. This is usually an easy task but the problem is making sure that the resolution between the images are proportionate. If some of the images are too large or too small, it will affect the quality of the output.

For instance, if one of the images for the college is too small, it will get stretched out and become pixelated.

Some of the free online collage maker software tries to adjust the photo resolution between the images. In some cases, this works and makes every image clear. However, if the disparity between sizes is too big, then it will be impossible for the software to adjust accordingly.

Our tip is to create a collage based on certain themes or events. Let’s say you went on a trip to the beach recently. Make a collage using these photos to let others see your trip as up close and personal as possible. Creating a collage featuring unrelated images isn’t exactly wrong but it sort of defeats the purpose of making a collage.

  • Pick Your Collage Style

Now comes the fun part. This software has an extensive selection of collage styles to choose from. This will help you create even more stylish and creative collages. It’s the perfect feature for those with limited knowledge about Photoshop and other complex editing software.

Aside from collage styles, this software also gives you the ability to add filters, stickers, and more; allowing you to add more personalization to your final output.

Back in the days, collages were very simple whereas they looked like a window frame. There are many styles to choose from nowadays, making it more fun to become creative. That being said, try to pick a collage style that perfectly fits with the selection of photos you have chosen.

  • Save!

Once you have added your finishing touches, your collage will be good to go. Save it and post it, or have it printed. You can use it whichever way you like. Saving photos from this software is relatively easy. Some of them require you to create an account before being able to save photos.

What’s even better is that some software allows you to directly share your output to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It’s a very convenient feature that can help you save time. Sharing directly from these platforms is also convenient as it let’s you share the software along with others so they know what you are using.

Benefits of Using This Software

There are many benefits to using these dedicated software for making collages. The most obvious is that they are easy to use. Before this software arrived, it meant having to learn how to use Photoshop and other editing software. Even then, it became a tough task as those editors are hard to use and take time to master.

It isn’t just easy to use, this software also gives you access to various editing tools to make your collages stand out even further. While for complex editors, you’ll have to go through various hoops to master these effects. A free online collage maker gives you access to these editing tools at the click of your mouse or at the tap of your finger.

Even those who aren’t tech-savvy can create photo collages through this software now. As they are accessible and free, people are free to create collages of their favorite memories online. They don’t even need to have a high-end computer to have access to these collage makers as these can be run on the browser.

Another benefit is convenience. Aside from being made available on browsers, this software is also available on smartphones mostly. Do you have any idea how convenient it is to have a collage maker at the palm of your hands? When downloading these software on your smartphone, you don’t need to have a powerful phone as well as they aren’t very demanding in terms of performance and space.

Final Word

Thanks to innovations like free online collage maker software, it’s now easier to become a creative person. All you have to do is search and then make a few clicks to have a masterpiece. There are many of these out there and a lot of them provide access to great design features. What are you waiting for?

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