After-sales notice: how to maintain the solar light? Weapon for you

Common faults in solar street lamp maintenance:

  1. The problem of the battery: solar light If the lighting time is short, the battery energy storage is reduced, causing rainy weather, and the lighting time is short, that is the problem of the battery, and the battery should be replaced.
  2. The problem of LED light source: Solar street lamp lamp beads are not fully bright. In addition to the quality problem of the LED light source itself, it is a welding problem. You should replace the bad lamp beads in time or weld the lamp beads firmly or replace the lamp head more directly.
  3. The problem of installation place: In the place where solar street light is installed, the sun is not enough, and it is also a big problem that the battery cannot be stored. The solar street light system suitable for this kind of place should be found to meet the lighting needs.
  4. Wiring problems: poor wiring connections, battery feeding, and reduced energy storage will cause the lights to flicker. The poor connection of the circuit should be replaced or repaired in time.
  5. What is the problem if the whole light does not turn on? First of all, check whether the controller is flooded. If it is not the controller’s problem, test whether the battery has voltage and whether the voltage is lower than 10.8v. If not, then check whether the battery panel has voltage. If not, Change the battery board for the voltage.

Solutions to the failure of solar street lights:

  1. The light is not on:

Possible faulty components: LED light source, solar controller, battery, solar panel.


  1. First check whether the wiring terminals of the lamps are loose.
  2. Remove the LED light source and connect it to the battery or DC12v power supply to see if the light is working properly. Pay attention to the positive and negative poles. If the light does not light, it means that the LED light is faulty. The LED light needs to be replaced.
  3. Measure the battery power. If it is lower than 11v, the controller is in the protection state, and the lamp is fully charged before use. If it is higher than 11v, the controller is faulty and the controller needs to be replaced.


  1. Short working hours of LED lights:

Possible failure parts: solar controller, solar panel


  1. The solar controller is set incorrectly, please reset it with professional knowledge.
  2. There is dust on the solar panel, clean the dust to make it provide power generation efficiency.
  3. If the rainy weather exceeds 3 days, it will return to normal when the weather is clear.


  1. The LED light is not bright enough:

Possible faulty parts: lampshade, LED light


  1. Clean the lampshade to make it clean.
  2. Clean the dirt on the contact part between the positive electrode of the light source and the spring to make it conductive.


If the solar street light has other faults, please ask professionals to check and repair it.


Solar panels

Q: As long as the solar panel can be plugged into the lamp, can it be used for charging?

Answer: Of course not. The battery board specifications should be selected according to the battery specifications used by the lamp. Generally, the working voltage of the solar panel = 1.5 × the rated voltage of the battery, and the working current of the solar panel = the rated capacity of the battery ÷ 6 hours (North ÷ 5 hours).

Question: Is it possible to charge as long as the solar panel plug is plugged into the socket of the lamp?

Answer: The operation is correct. But remember: solar panels need conditions to work, that is, enough sunlight is needed to illuminate the solar panels so that the solar panels can output the required current. Therefore, the solar panel should be installed in a position that maximizes the sun’s sunshine: the solar panel plane is perpendicular to the sun at noon, and the east and west sides should avoid the obstacles of tall objects or tall buildings to maximize the sun’s sunshine for the longest time. Shine on the solar panel.

Q: Can solar panels charge the lamps for a long time?

Answer: Yes, but this is not recommended. When the solar panel is charging the battery for a long time, you need to turn the lamp switch to the strong light position, so that it is charged during the day and discharged at night to protect the battery from overcharging. Because the battery has a service life, it is not recommended to charge and discharge for a long time, you should choose the charge and discharge according to your needs. In normal use, it is recommended to turn the lamp switch to the general light position and then charge. This can save energy on the one hand, and on the other hand, it can also protect the battery from overcharging in case of going out and not returning home.

Q: Do solar cells need maintenance?

Answer: Yes. Frequent cleaning is necessary to prevent the accumulation of dust from affecting the efficiency of solar cells. When charging is not required, cover or store the solar panel, otherwise, it will be accumulated in the solar panel because there is no load to receive energy and cause overheating and burn out.

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