How to Get Discount Health Insurance in Switzerland

Around 600,000 Swiss citizens change their health insurance providers to save big money on their healthcare premiums every year. According to the emerging yearly deadline for shifting health insurance providers, here are some simple ways to get a discount on health insurance in Switzerland. Find out if you should join too, and what you can gain from it.


Change is inevitable


Life is the name of changing. And same is with your health insurance. Your needs keep changing, and obviously, you can’t include everything in your insurance. Earlier or late, you might want to color your hair or give your body a relaxing massage. The Supplemental additional plans are usually the most cost-efficient method of getting these extras.


It is good to know that supplementary policies are not tied to your Basic insurance policy. So you can go onward with whatever your insurer proposes you the most suitable deal. But, also make sure that the provider of your Basic policy might give you a discount if you register with them for supplemental insurance coverage as well. Health Insurance comparison in Switzerland is easy to validate differences and discounts on various plans. The health insurance comparison website is available in Italian and French versions


Changing Your Insurance Provider


According to the Health Insurance Act of 1996, it is a mandate for all health insurance providers to provide equal basic coverage to all. The exceptions are in the level of facility they provide, how quickly they give your rights or the additional features.


Understanding this, you could directly run a comparison of premiums for the coming year. Then, pick the provider with the cheapest monthly premium for your specific needs and call it a day. Saving on premiums can be as easy as this. But we suggest employing some additional factors under consideration. Like, are you keen on owning an online program, a 24/7 hotline, or also an app to manage your insurance claims? Are you interested in supplementary plans to avail features like eyeglasses, dental treatments, or even a body massage?


Each way, this is the perfect year to switch your insurance provider, run a comparison of premiums. Once you have picked the least costly provider for the expected year, send a termination note to your current insurer and register for the new policy.


Change Your Health Insurance Model


There are mainly four insurance model types, starting from costliest. Standard, Personal Doctor, HMO, and Telmed. Switching from your current model to a cheaper model will save you around 20% – for each down-grade.


Let’s say you are currently using the Standard Model. What if you are ok to get a consultancy first with an assigned family doctor in your locality who would refer you to a specialist if required? The Hausarzt model can save your money up to 15-20% off your premium. 


The HMO can give even more savings of up to 25%. It is suitable for the people in metropolitan zones as all aids and other services are provided at an HMO center. Having many consultants and professionals beneath one roof makes the HMO model so valuable.


Finally, the Telmed model demands policyholders to call a hotline for triage. In some cases, the medication consultation over the phone is satisfactory. But if seeing a consultant or doctor is necessary, then a referral is given over the telephone. This model can also bring down 15 -20% off your premium.


Transitions in family formation or change in a primary residence


As most Swiss citizens are well knowledgeable, premiums for necessary health insurance vary depending on the insured’s age group. Like elsewhere in Europe and America, the three standard age groups are kids up to 18 years, young adults from 19 to 25 years, and senior citizens above 76 years.


Whenever someone in your family crosses the threshold into a new standard age group, you should be sure to evaluate their Basic coverage. It is especially essential if you have a youngster about to turn 18 as it determines that your insurance company, by law, will now be no longer required to give your daughter or son a decreased premium.


If you have moved or are about to move to a different town or canton in Switzerland, this is another good occasion to make sure you are not spending more than you are obliged. This is because necessary health coverage and premiums vary considerably depending on where in the country you live.




The main point is that one needs to keep examining the current plan and health care needs. Health insurance comparison in Switzerland is easy, and you must keep searching for the most suitable health insurance providers available. It is time-consuming and, for newcomers, it’s even more annoying to estimate the essential variations between the 60-plus Swiss health insurance providers. Must follow the above-discussed points and make sure that you are in with the people who are saving big off in their Swiss health insurance premiums.




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