How to Enlarge Images to Poster Size with Vance AI Image Enlarger

No matter what your marketing strategy is, using high-quality visual content is possible to appeal to customers effectively. Modern visual marketing is not only featured by high-resolution digital images but also large eye-catching posters. From passersby, employees, managers, to event guests, posters can arouse their interest and make them aware of the product or service they promote. 

For big companies, hiring professionals to make a poster for printing is normal. However, the practice is not the best way for small businesses and individuals. If you want to turn your image into poster size without hiring a professional designer, this article will be your place to go. 

Thanks to the AI solution from Vance AI, you can transform small images into poster size without losing quality. Vance AI Image Enlarger is an online image enlarger that allows you to

enlarge images up to 2x, 4x and even up to 8x. What’s great about this AI Image Enlarger is not just the increase in size alone, but also the visually stunning details and higher resolution. 

In this article, we will go through how to easily use this AI to enlarge images to poster size for printing, how well it works and its features.  

How to Enlarge Images to Poster Size with Vance AI Image Enlarger 

Step 1:Upload a small image to the AI image enlarger

Drag & drop a small image to the uploading page of the AI. You can also play with the samples to see how it works. 

Note: this AI works best with images less than 5MB and 2000X2000px. Exceeding the limit, the images will be compressed automatically. 

Step 2:Choose an enlargement scale  

Choose a scale, such as 2x or 4x. 6x and 8x are available to paid users. Then click “Start” to move on. 

Step 3:Enlarge image in one click

Wait about 10 to 30 seconds before your image is enlarged.

Step 4:Download the result  

Click “Download” to save the result to your device.

Features of Vance AI Image Enlarger 

Vance AI Image Enlarger is an automatic image enlarger that lets you enlarge images to poster size without losing quality. Using artificial intelligence, this AI Image Enlarger has the ability to fill in real details intelligently when enlarging images. Small images can easily get enlarged with details enhanced thanks to the advanced enlargement algorithms. It comes with an intuitive interface. Anyone, from individuals to designer, Facebook blogger, online shop owner, to video game professionals, can access this AI to enlarge images easily to poster size.


Enlarge images up to 800% without losing quality 

Enlarge image to poster size online automatically 

Suppress noise and remove blur to enhance images 

Offer free trial (5 credits/month)


To enlarge images to poster size without losing quality, Vance AI Image Enlarger is one of the best choices. Using machine learning, this AI image enlarger helps you to create high resolution images for printing. Plus, it offers 5 credits using which you try out this image enlarger and other AI tools from Vance AI, such as Image Cartoonizer. Enlarge image with this AI now. Share your experience with it by leaving your comment below. 


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