How to enhance the brand image of your online store

Electronic commerce is a very interesting sector to start a business. However, possibly one of the great challenges is to achieve customer loyalty and enhance a brand image. We are going to analyze this issue, and assess the different strategies to have more visibility and recognition from consumers.

The challenge of brand image in the digital age

If you have an online store, you know how important it is to have a good positioning in the search engine results. If you do well at the SEO level, you can get many qualified visits, and convert them into sales. However, for the user who is focused on finding the product they want, your e-commerce is just like any other. It is very different from the physical shopping experience.

  • If you go into a clothing store, take a look at the clothes, try on some and end up buying something, you will remember where you bought it, the distribution of the establishment, the decoration, the friendliness of the staff, etc.
  • Online everything is much faster and impersonal. In order not to lose sales, you optimize the flow with the minimum possible steps between the user input and the end of the purchase process.You need a seamless payment option that can be provided by the Paypound merchant account. The result is that except for big players such as Amazonor Alibaba, online stores are not recognized by users, who access them mainly by Google. For payment gateway you may contact at mail: or may call at +44 800 832 1733. This will give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Hence, e-commerce needs to build its own image.

The importance of packaging for brand image

Why the packaging? Because the package is the only physical thing that the customer sees in the entire Internet purchase process. That’s why Amazon always puts its smile logo on every box it ships. If you want your brand to be remembered, don’t hesitate to put your image on the packaging, clearly visible. If you want to have personalized packaging, you can look at your options on pages, which specialize in packaging and packaging solutions.

But you shouldn’t just limit yourself to the outside of the box. Inside, you can protect the product with various options, and for example, you can customize the tissue paper that you are going to use so that the customer can see your brand and the name of your business at the same time that he opens the package and takes out the product from the container.

The layout of the page

The other axis in which you have to work to impact the memory of your buyers is obviously in the design of the page. As we mentioned before, you only have a few screens to achieve that impact, and you can also never lose sight of the fact that the priority is the optimization of the purchase process.

However, within these limitations, with a bit of originality, good colour and typography choices and your own style, you can create a different and pleasant shopping experience that the customer will remember later.

The quality of service

It is a crucial aspect. You already know that customers compare prices very easily because they can open 10 different tabs in their browser to analyze your offer and that of your competitors. Your prices will be the ones you have decided, but how you manage the sale is something else.

If the customer has a good shopping experience, a reliable and short delivery time, a quick solution to any questions or problems they may have, they will undoubtedly keep a good brand image. I am not telling anything new, the quality of the service and the brand image are closely related, especially in the medium and long term.


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