How To Enable Dark Mode In Google search

The dark mode is a necessity now. Almost every app, service, a website is now offering a dark theme for their product. It’s like a basic feature that all websites, apps must have now. It not only saves your eyes from the pain but also saves battery if you’re using an OLED display phone or tablet. The display uses less battery on dark screens, hence ending up in using less battery. Google search has recently made dark theme available for its search. The search giant has enabled dark mode for almost all of it’s products including Gmail, Android Messages, Google Chrome, and Google search app. Did you know that you can also enable dark mode on Facebook app?

To enable dark mode in Google search, you need to follow simple steps given below:

  1. Open website on your web browser
  2. Find Settings on the bottom of Google’s homepage or search something and find gear icon on the upper right corner of the page
  3. Click the gear icon and a drop down will appear
  4. Click Dark theme from there and the theme would go dark
  5. To disable dark theme or enable light theme, click it again

Isn’t it cool? Easy on eyes as well. Now, you can also enable dark mode in Google Chrome as well. But it’s more of a auto process than manual toggle. Here’s the deal, if you are using Chrome on Windows 10 and want to get dark theme in Google Chrome, you need to enable dark theme in your system first. This way, the dark theme will be automatically triggered. In addition, if it’s an Android phone or an iPhone/iOS device, the same method will apply. On enabling dark mode in your system settings, you’ll get dark theme on the app as well. The same process works for other Google apps like Google search. However, YouTube, Gmail, and Android messages like apps that are also offered by Google, have manual toggle. You can find the dark mode options within the settings app of these respective apps.

So, this is how you can enable dark mode in Google Search. To read more interesting guides and tech how-tos, you can visit NoobSpace, a hub of how-to guides, tutorials, and a place for geeks.

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