How To Denoise Photo Easily Online?

Some people refer to noises as glitches. In general, noises are the virtual specks of dust in an image. In particular, we often find noises in old-school photos.

Noises can add special touches to vintage effects if we pair the photos with appropriate foregrounds and backgrounds. However, too many noises can hinder the viewers from seeing the object of interest in a picture.

Interestingly, even today’s pictures can have noises. We will discuss the different types of noises and the why’s behind the photo noises over the next part.

Different Types Of Photo Noises

Noises aren’t just collections of grains inside an image. We will see many (sub-)types of noises when we look closer to every pixel in a photo. Here are they:

  • Gaussian noise: This noise type is the most common. This type of noise is also the noise that you will encounter when the channels of your old-school television don’t play. Black and white grains are the characteristics of these noises.
  • Salt and pepper noise: This type of noise is similar to the Gaussian noise in the way that it is in black and white colors. However, their grains are sharper and less dense compared to the Gaussian noise.
  • Shot noise: This noise type is a series of dot-shaped grains that form two or three horizontal patterns overlapping with the picture.
  • Periodic noise: Typically, these noises come in horizontally- or vertically-lined patterns. However, there are times when the noises have rectangular or even batik patterns.
  • Quantization noise: This type of noise occurs due to the changes of a continuous random variable to discrete variables. As a result, the picture’s pattern or objects can seem wavy.

Now that we know the entire types of noises in a picture, we may wonder why they exist. Hence, these things become the primary topics in the next section’s discussion.

Why Are There Photo Noises?

Many people think the quality of a camera is the cause behind noises in every image. Yet, there is more than just a camera’s quality that becomes the reason for the noises. Here is the other reason:

  • Problems in the camera’s sensors: Often, the sensors are not large enough to capture the entire objects in one layer. Some infrared sensors that don’t cool down are also more likely to give a quite considerable amount of noise in the outputs.
  • Pixel density: Every picture will always have pixels. The denser the pixel’s centimeters, the least likely there will be noises.
  • Shadows: These disturbances can create noises. In particular, when the photographers are in rush to get the picture.
  • Shutter speeds: Unbalanced shutter speed settings can cause noises on pictures. Such things happen, in particular, when the ISO is high. The low rates of shutter speeds also play a pivotal role in generating the noises.

The decent news is that there are ways you can apply to denoise a photo. So, we’re going to reveal how to denoise a photo in the next section of this article.

How To Denoise A Photo Easily Through Online Means?

Denoising a photo no longer needs heavy, complicated software to execute. After all, there are tons of free tools that you can use to denoise photo online.

Often, you have to follow the following steps to denoise a photo with those online tools:

  1. Prepare the picture that you want to denoise. Ensure the layers are open for edits.
  2. Choose the Noise Reduction menu (Note: Not every online tool has the same menu name, but the functions should be similar.)
  3. Drag the Noise Reduction slider smoothly and gradually to the right until you get the accurate noise levels. Make sure the slider doesn’t go 100% in the right direction, or the picture’s color balances will be disturbed.
  4. Repeat Step 2 and Step 3 for every picture that you want to denoise.

After you’ve denoised your photo, make sure you save the pictures in JPG formats. Not only that the JPG formats are more common than other formats, but they will also save more space on your devices’ data than GIF formats.

Today, there are also tools to denoise photo online that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Best of all, you can use these tools to denoise a photo for free.

What Can The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Do For Denoising Your Photos?

Deep learning is the core Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to denoise many photos at once.

In deep learning, the developers will first have to train the AI to distinguish between photos without noise and those with some degrees of noise. The developers do these actions by manually inputting pictures to make the AI recognize and understand noises.

To further train the AI to be familiar with the denoising technique, the developers input mathematical formulas to determine to what extent the noises will be tolerable.

By receiving these image inputs, the AI will start the processing part. The processing part involves combining the mathematical formula of the noises and the RGB balance percentages.

The more inputs the developers invest in an AI-powered photo editing tool, the more accurate the AI will denoise the photos.

How To Denoise A Photo With AI-Powered Websites?

Unlike the online manual methods where the humans (you) do the entire denoising jobs, the robot (AI) is the one who will virtually drag the noise reduction sliders for you.

So, all you need to do is upload some photos you want to denoise if you stumbled upon these AI-powered websites.

Then, focus on at least one photo that you want to denoise. The AI will recognize the images and execute the denoising steps for you.

Typically, you’ll need to wait for 5-15 seconds to get your images processed. Your waiting times can be shorter or longer depending on your computer’s specification, internet connection, and more.

If you’re clueless about which pictures you should denoise, you can denoise a photo by taking some copyright-free images as examples. Many denoise photo online tools these days integrate with copyright-free image website providers. You can take these things to your advantage.

Here in, you can denoise a photo without much hassle or having to pay certain sums of money.

Go ahead and upload your pictures—you will be surprised by the results.

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