How to Create an Incredible 6+ Monitor Day Trading Setup

Nowadays, trading stocks from home is as easy as pie. You can simply buy a gaming computer and start trading right away. Still, there’s more to that as there are several steps to consider. Of course, you can start with a simple configuration. Over time, you’ll see how your system grows. If you want to take your hobby more seriously, you might need six or more monitors. Therefore, you need to know certain aspects of creating such an incredible day trading computer setup.

Pick Fast and Reliable Processors

Firstly, any day trading computer setup requires a top-performing processor. Your main argument is that you’ll need to process large amounts of information at once. Moreover, you’ll use multiple screens, so you will be streaming lots of real-time data. In the meantime, you will be executing lightning fast trades.

Generally, the capability of a computer to deal with so much information depends on the CPU. You can tell how fast it can perform an assigned task by checking its clock speed. The rapid development of the computer industry has created some pretty advanced processors.

For example, you can get a CPU with multiple cores. It will allow your day trading computer setup to process several tasks at once without any latency or delays. Typically, your best shot would be the 7th generation Intel quad-core setup. Still, you can browse for more powerful alternatives that are also more expensive.

Make Sure You Have Enough RAM

Furthermore, you may want to keep up with the fast pace of your processor by getting enough RAM. The short-term memory is even more essential. Generally, RAM is necessary for more efficient multitasking.

For this reason, you should get at least 16 GB of RAM. However, your day trading computer setup will be happy to use a 32 GB RAM configuration or more. Such a boost will ensure optimal performance while employing your multi-monitor system.

Buckle up with a Decent Storage Drive

Besides, you may need a decent storage drive. Of course, it’s not of such high importance as the CPU and RAM. Still, it can further maximize your machine’s performance. Consider buying an SSD for much faster boot times. Ultimately, your 1 TB SSD is enough to store all the software you’ll use on your multi-monitor setup.

Integrated vs. Dedicated Graphics

If you plan on using six or more monitors on your trading computer, consider your GPU options. Usually, a day trading computer setup can work well with an integrated graphics card. However, further expansion of your system may require something more powerful.

In such a case, you might need at least two or three high-end graphic cards. Moreover, they should have at least 2 GB of GPU. Generally, the NVIDIA GeForce GT series are reliable enough to support six or more monitors at once.

Plug Your Monitors

Perhaps, the number of monitors in a day trading computer setup is mere preference. It may represent either experience or trading style. Also, it can be a mix of the two. Whatever your reasons, you should choose your displays carefully.

Typically, any monitor with a decent resolution is good for the job. A video resolution of 1080p is enough to provide crisp and high-quality images. Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank for a decent multi-monitor configuration. The perfect day trading computer setup runs on either 24 or 27-inch monitors. You can bet on any famous brand, but you’d preferably go for an Asus or Acer.

Use Adapters

By now, you’re probably wondering how to connect all those displays to one desktop device. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution, and it’s the Diamond USB-to-HDMI adapter. Perhaps, it’s pretty inexpensive for the amount of work it does. A pre-made day trading computer setup may have several video ports. Still, a six-plus monitor setup will need video card adapters to run all external screens. For instance, the USB Ports Hub can support up to ten devices simultaneously.

Buy High-End Monitor Stands

Last but not least, think about how you want to position your displays. There are plenty of cheap monitor racks on the market. However, they might not be as reliable and comfy as you might believe. Usually, what you get is a very slight bow. Therefore, it’s best to rely on high-quality monitor racks that have elbows. They allow you to tilt your monitors towards the center. What’s more, many models come with other additional extras. Get one that can effortlessly support six or more monitors for the ultimate day trading computer setup.

Get the Best Day Trading Computer Setup at Trading Computers

Finally, you can take your time and shop around. If you’re looking for a pre-made system, Trading Computers is the best place to get you started. You can fully customize your trading machine. Creating an incredible six-plus monitor day trading computer setup has never been easier.


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