How to clean a paint sprayer?

Have you ever seen the magic of a paint sprayer? Well, if not, you are missing an amazing experience in life.

If you want to try painting, it is better to choose a titan 440 paint sprayers over anything else. They work amazingly, and you will never regret painting your walls with them.

Holding a roller or paintbrush is now old-fashioned and also time-consuming. To get your paint done in hours, you must get a paint sprayer for your painting work. A paint sprayer is a blessing in disguise when it turns your two-day work into hours.

There is so much to talk about in favor of a paint sprayer. But the only thing that can disturb your peace is its cleanliness. It is easy to paint with a painted sprayer, and one can paint with it for hours without getting tired.

On the other hand, the only problem is its cleaning. You have to clean a paint sprayer after every use to increase its life expectancy. If you want that your paint sprayer stays for a long time, you really have to pay attention to its cleanliness.

In this article, we will discuss some simple steps for cleaning a paint sprayer. You can make them a part of your routine, and they include

  1. Release air pressure 

Before you start the actual cleaning process, make sure that you have released the air pressure of your paint sprayer gun. For this purpose, turn off the paint gun before you start releasing the pressure to protect yourself from harm.

Once done, guard the trigger and reverse the process on the spray tip. After doing this, disengage your gun lock and let the waste come to the unit.

Pull the trigger and let all the waste come out. But make sure to hold the trigger till all the pressure is released from your paint sprayer gun.

  1. Flush the pump

It is the second step of cleaning and for this step, removes the tip guard and the tip of your gun. Also, remove the drain tubes and place them in the waste pail. Now turn on the spray setting from the prime valve and point your gun to a bucket.

Hold the trigger and gradually increase the pressure. Start spraying the paint out of the gun and let all the remaining paint out of your pump.

  1. Clean the gun

For proper cleaning of a gun, turn your power switch on. After turning the power switch on, bring it to sprays mode and flush all the paint in your waste bucket.

When you are sure that there is no paint remaining in the gun, start your cleaning.

  1. Clean the filters

When you use an airless paint sprayer, you have to make sure all of its filters are clear from paint. For this purpose take all the filters, the suction filter, pencil filter, and manifold filter out of the paint sprayer.

Clean them one by one and make sure that there is no paint remains on them.

  1. Clean the nozzles

It is a hard step of cleaning, but you can make it a piece of cake by using a toothbrush for this little task. You can choose an old toothbrush and clean all the nozzles with the help of it.

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