How to Choose the Right Sunglass According to Your Features

Undoubtedly, a pair of stylish sunglasses can elevate your look instantly. But that happens only when it matches your features like your face shape, skin, and hair colour. There are dozens of eyewear models from different brands that look pretty and unique. But you cannot look elegant and chic till you find something that perfectly suits your features. For example, sunglasses of brands like carrera that come in a wide range of square and rectangular shapes will suit those having round-shaped faces.

Help yourself to save some time by reading this list of the sunglass types that complement different features.

sunglasses that Compliment Different Skin Tones

There are mainly two types of skin tones, warm and cool. If you get sunburned quickly, then you have a cool skin tone. The best sunglasses for people with cool skin tones are green, blue, pink, purple, or silver frames. When selecting the lens colour, try silver, pink, and blue. If you are of a warm skin tone, you’ll have tanned skin, black eyes, and blue veins. The best sunglasses for people with warm skin tones have red, brown, orange, beige, or yellow frames. With regards to the lens colour, select fiery colours. They will perfectly suit your skin.

Sunglasses that Compliment Your Hair Colour

Hair colour is also crucial when you want to find the best sunglasses for yourself. The different hair colours and the shades that compliment them are described below:

  • Warm blonde – Those with warm blonde hair have a bronze undertone. They can select from a wide variety of colours. Shades having brown colour go well with this type of hair. Blonde-haired people can also look into shades having a hip Havana pattern.
  • Cool blonde – Those with cool blonde hair can pick colours like black, violet, and blue for their shades. Sunglasses with hexagonal shapes will look great on people with platinum and ash blonde hair.
  • Warm brown – People having golden undertones in their hair have warm brown hair. Shades of colours like gold, red, and green will look best on them. They will also look great in Havana patterned sunglasses.
  • Black hair – Those with black hair always look good in sunglasses in green, red, purple, or black coloured frames. They can also try trendy polaroids.
  • White and grey hair – White hair has a cool tone while grey hair has a warm tone. Both types of hair should go for sunglasses having a lighter tone. Colourful sunglasses like those in purple and red colours suit people with this type of hair the best.

Sunglasses that Compliment Different Eye Colour

If you have green eyes, sunglass frames in brown and golden colours will suit you. You can also make a statement by choosing violet and pink framed sunglasses. Blue eyes can be highlighted well by a suitable shade of sunglasses. If you have eyes of this colour, go with grey and blue-toned sunglasses. You can also choose sunglasses in brown colour for creating a beautiful contrast. People with brown eyes can opt for sunglasses in green, brown, and golden coloured frames. Sunglasses in these colours give a charming touch to brown eyes.

It’s essential to invest in those types of sunglasses that match your features. Otherwise, it can ruin your entire look. You can consider investing in sunglasses of brands like carrera, which can be personalised with additional extras like polarised lenses. Today, you can conveniently buy the perfect one for yourself online.

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