How to choose the best international school for your child?

Moving with your family to a different country is an exciting adventure. Whereas, it is something that is not without challenges. One among the foremost important and crucial, or even deciding, is the challenge of selecting the proper international school for your child. 

At first, everything may seem quite overwhelming, and understandably so. But, whether you decide to do this with the help of our education specialist or without, it is important and helpful to have a clear idea of what your particular requirements are. 

Moreover, Singapore international school provides quality education in this manner. While these will vary according to the specific needs and desires of each family. Below are some key considerations that can help you make your choice of an international school.

1. Define the best-fit Curriculum for your child

Do you want your child to follow a national curriculum (for example at a British School or American School) or an international curriculum (for example at an IB School)? The answer will depend on a number of factors, these are the questions you need to answer:

  • What has your child studied so far?
  • Do you intend to change countries again?
  • Will your child take national exams such as A-levels or APs?
  • Where can your child go to university in the future?

Another aspect to consider is the delivery of the aforementioned curriculum. Is it a traditional direct instruction system or a consultation-based learning approach? This will not only determine how they are assessed? But also how they develop as students throughout their formative years.

2. Determine the correct class size

A good student-teacher relationship is another important element worth thinking about. While large classes can mean a wider social circle, small classes mean that each individual student benefits from more individual attention from their teacher. Smaller class sizes also lead to higher levels of involvement and participation, a more cohesive class culture.

3. List the extra-curricular activities you want

Extra-curricular activities are an essential part of any child’s education. It not only develops social, teamwork, and problem-solving skills but also keeps them busy, active, and enjoying. Be sure to check out what sports and extracurricular activities your potential schools have to offer, as well as what is integrated into the school day as part of the core curriculum as Singapore International School.

4. Identify ideal locations for a school

While it’s going to not be the foremost important factor for a few, a conveniently located school can make all the difference to your day. Finding a faculty that matches well together with your daily commute can mean you’ve got longer to spend on other things instead of pacing around town in hour traffic before school and after activities. 

Also, counting on whether the varsity is found within the city center, the periphery, or the countryside, its grounds are often anything from cramped and unyielding to spacious and plush. Of course, beauty isn’t everything, except for an area where your child will spend such a lot of time in life, a pleasing environment can make all the difference.

5. Clarify your community’s expectations

Would you wish to be involved in several events or meet other parents? Many expatriate parents find tremendous support within the connections they create through the international community, which greatly aids the continued settlement process. Try to find an international school that values the community and facilitates these relationships, taking every opportunity to bring parents, teachers, and students together to share experiences and form lasting bonds.


Some of the steps are discussed here, which will facilitate you in selecting an international school conveniently. These points will assist you to choose the best and help you to select the best international school for your child. 


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