How to Choose a Metal Detector for Good Finds?

Metal detectors offer us the opportunity to explore treasures unknown. This hobby can be enjoyed by people of any age and locality. All you need for good metal detector finds is a quality sourced device, plain land, and ample time. Are you wondering what to look for in your detector when purchasing? In that case, you’ve landed on the right page. This blog discusses factors to keep in check when choosing the right metal detector.

Features for the Best Metal Detector Finds?

Purpose and Use

When choosing a metal detector, the first thing you need to be clear about is why it’s needed. Are you looking for a machine that will allow your kids to enjoy some hobby time? Or are you planning on hunting in public locations like beaches and parks or underwater? A good metal detector should give you an idea of what kind of treasures can be found with ease when equipped.


Metal detectors are available in wide price ranges, so you need to be clear about your budget before shopping for one. There is no point in spending $50 on a device that will fail to give you the complete experience of treasure hunting. Source your detector from trustable providers such as Teknetics Direct

Tone Discrimination

Metal detectors with the ability to discriminate between different types of metals are considered more efficient than others. A metal detector with this feature will give you better chances of finding treasures not only in iron but also in gold.

Coil Size

The coil size is an important factor to be kept in mind while selecting a quality metal detector. It’s directly related to the depth at which you can operate your device, so choose accordingly. A large coil will help find deeper treasures but may not give top-notch performance when it comes to deserted areas filled with lots of iron.


Another important factor to be kept in mind while choosing a detector is its weight. If you’re looking forward to some serious treasure hunting, choose something light and easy to hold so that fatigue doesn’t set in after using it for hours on end.

Battery Life

Different detectors vary in terms of battery life they offer on full charge. While buying one, be clear about how long you need the device to run before requiring another recharge. This is important since it affects your chances of finding treasures when out for an adventure.

Waterproof Feature

If you’re planning on hunting in areas that are wet or damp, it’s better to look for a metal detector with waterproof features. This will help keep water out of the device no matter the amount of mud present around you while still giving you enough time to enjoy your hobby. Without this feature, you may have to constantly clean and dry your device immediately to prevent it from malfunctioning. 

Number of Frequencies

A machine with separate frequency will allow you to find different kinds of metals without interference from each other while one which has only one frequency might interfere with the performance of other metals. Furthermore, the number of frequencies determines a detector’s capabilities of finding treasures in sensitive areas for investigation purposes.

Depth Detection

If you’re looking forward to some serious treasure hunting, it’s important that your metal detector has a decent depth detection feature. This will help ensure that treasures are not missed just because they were too deep for the machine to detect them. Depth control is an important part of finding treasures.

Noise Cancellation

Metal detectors with noise cancellation feature can be used in areas that are full of iron scrapes and tin cans such as beaches and parks. Constant overlapping and overstimulation can reduce the efficiency of your machine during treasure hunting to the point where it becomes ineffective in searching for items. Noise cancellation is one metal detector accessory that can prevent your machine from losing its value. 


Different metal detectors come with different display options. Look for one which is easy to read in the areas, especially if the region or time is dark or shady. Having an automatic brightness feature also helps when hunting at night time or underwater. A backlit LCD screen may not be necessary but can definitely help in low light areas.

Metal Detector Accessories to Consider

Manual Ground Balance

If you plan on hunting in different kinds of soil, it’s better to look for a metal detector which has manual ground balance feature that lets you change the settings according to the kind of soil present in your location. This is important if you’re planning on doing some serious treasure hunting without the need of returning home on finding trashy areas.

Carrying Case

A carrying case will help you keep your metal detector safe and give it a longer life span even if used regularly for hunting in different kinds of places. Look for one which is lightweight yet sturdy enough to protect the device from bumps, falls or other damage that might reduce its performance.

Now that you have gone through points to consider when choosing a metal detector, you are all set to purchase your first one!


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