How to Change Netflix Region or Country

We all know how obsessive Netflix can get. They do have some great shows though and they know how to cater for every niche. It also seems that people are constantly talking about their latest Netflix show everywhere you go. Most of us now have friends located all over the world who share recommendations about series they can access. It’s therefore only natural that you’ll want to change Netflix region at some point in your Netflix experience.

How Netflix Became So Popular

  •     A novel approach to releasing series
  •     New and original content that’s constantly changing

Netflix has challenged its traditional approach to series. Other platforms release shows once a week, usually with ads, and they often rely on a pilot episode to test their series. On the other hand, Netflix usually releases series in one go. Of course, some Netflix series get cancelled. Generally though, Netflix tweaks the content based on their audience’s feedback. They make sure that they understand their niche viewer and then modify their series accordingly.

As you’d expect, Netflix has several competitors, including Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, amongst others. These players tend to have agreements with large producers such as HBO for Amazon or Walt Disney for Hulu. They also do produce some content, but it doesn’t really compare with the quality and creativity of Netflix. Most importantly, Netflix provides this content at very affordable prices.

Moreover, Netflix is constantly updating and renewing its content. Just when you think you’ve watched everything then up pops a whole load more of new content. With so much original content across so many different countries though, it’s no surprise that most of us are curious and want access to everything globally. For those of us lucky enough to have lived in different countries, we often want to keep accessing that content once we’ve moved out. This is when you’ll be grateful you can change Netflix region.

What’s the Difference between Region and Country?

  • Human borders 
  • Continents, and therefore regions, can physically shift 

It might be interesting at this stage to briefly note the difference between region and country. A country has borders whereas a region often includes several countries. The region is generally less well defined and can be open to interpretation. For example, Greenland can be stated as a region in its own right or as part of the North America region. Nevertheless, Netflix settings list specific countries rather than regions.

Regions can often refer to continents and these can shift and change due to climate and environmental forces. This can cause the earth’s structure to change such that land masses move. On the flip side, borders tend to be fixed. However, some countries in Europe, for example, have changed for various reasons during the course of history.

How do you change Netflix Region or Country?

Luckily, it’s very easy to change Netflix region through one of the following methods:

  •     Virtual Private Network or VPN
  •     Decentralized VPN or DVPN

Buying VPN Access

The Internet is an incredible thing but unfortunately it’s also open to abuse. VPNs were created to provide more security to businesses and now, individuals. This is because VPN technology allows you to send and receive data from the Internet with a private and encrypted connection. In addition, once you’ve subscribed, it’s very easy to go into the settings and choose a country from which to operate. You can then log into Netflix and change Netflix region or, more specifically, the country.

With the rise of VPN providers though, there has been an increase in these providers selling their customers’ data to marketing companies. Therefore, a new concept has recently evolved as described below.

Connecting to a DVPN

DVPN is quite simply a marketplace where people share their unused bandwidth. This concept also uses blockchain technology that is highly encrypted and virtually impossible to hack. You are therefore more secure from cyber crime. With a dVPN, you can also easily change Netflix region when you log into Netflix. By borrowing unused bandwidth from someone in another country, it’s as if you’re in that country. It’s therefore very easy to access the whole Netflix library.

Parting Words on How to Change Netflix Region or Country

With Netflix subscriptions on the rise, it’s clear that many people are enjoying at-home entertainment. It has been a very difficult year and we all need a bit of escapism at times. Furthermore, watching Netflix allows us to talk about various series to other people and share the emotions we feel because of our connection to various characters. Most of us now have friends and family across the world and it’s normal for us to compare series. This is where a VPN or a dVPN becomes very useful for you to change Netflix region. Moreover, don’t underestimate the increased security you’ll enjoy.  


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