How the fb video downloader works

Fb video downloader is a highly useful online tool that facilitates the users with its fast and smooth services. Millions of people all across the world are using Facebook and they watch video content on a daily basis. Facebook does not provide them with the option to download those videos to their devices. Thus, such online video saving sites provide the users with an opportunity to download the videos they like, which are saved in their devices and they can watch them later as many times as they want. This online video saver has made their lives easier.

Safe and smooth downloading of videos from Facebook

As Facebook gives no video downloading option, a large number of people frequently use fb video downloader. It is safe and secure by all means. It does not keep any record of the history of the downloaded videos. Moreover, the anonymity of users is also ensured. You can also download private videos and in such a case, the privacy of the video sources is also ensured by the downloader site. Therefore, you can use the fb video downloader with full safety and trust. No risk of any kind is involved.

Download and convert videos using the fb video saver

This fb video saving tool works in a very simple and plain way. It helps you avail dual benefit from it, downloading the videos and converting them into the desired formats and quality. For downloading of videos, you simply are required to follow these three steps,

  1. Copy the URL of the video from Facebook
  2. Pate this URL in the given bar on the downloader page
  3. Press the “download” button

Follow this simple procedure and your downloading will start. The downloading will take just a short time depending upon the length of your video. Once it is downloaded, it directly goes to the folder that is set by your browser as default. If you want to save it in your desired folder, change the settings of your browser and it will be saved there. You can then watch it later by opening from that folder.

The procedure for video conversion is the same as that for the video downloading. Follow the same simple and easy steps listed below.

  1. Copy the URL of the Facebook video
  2. Paste this URL in the given bar
  3. Press the “convert” button.

This downloader will provide you with various video formats and video quality for conversion, which you can choose in accordance to your requirement and choice. It allows you to convert your videos in both SD and HD quality. You can choose MP4, MP3, MVO, WMV or any other format as per availability. Quality of the video can be chosen from the available options such as 480p, 720p, 1080p etc.

Is the Facebook video saver worthy?

This is an online downloading tool that allows its users to avail its services without downloading it. You can use it anytime, anywhere as per your need. It is a free-of-cost online service that anyone can use easily and safely.

The best part of the fb video saver is that it does not provide any specific limit of video downloading. You can download and convert as many videos as you want. Whatever the length of the video is, there is no limitation upon you. you can download and convert freely.

Choose the fb video downloader extension if you want to subtract the hassle of copy and pasting the links of videos from Facebook every time. If you have to download videos in large numbers, then the extension of fb video downloader is the right choice for you. It will allow you to download the videos directly from Facebook. The energy and time spent in copying the link from Fb and pasting it on the downloader page will be omitted. Downloading through extension will also save the video in the folder set as default by your browser. You can change the setting of the folder as per your choice and the videos will be saved there for later watch. Not every video downloader has its extension. Some have and some do not. You have to keep this in mind and have to choose accordingly.

The best recommendations for the video downloader

Many video downloader online services are available in the digital world to facilitate the users for downloading the videos. Depending on the features and quality, we have enlisted top five fb video downloader choices for you, which are safe and authentic. You can enjoy videos with good results from these online and free sources.


Some online video saving platforms offer two versions; free and paid. Paid version only provides you with some extra features. Free version is genuinely the best choice for everyone. You can use it with confidence and trust.

No logins, no registration, no formalities!

Fb video downloader works in a very user-friendly approach. Neither it asks you for any account sign-ups or registration nor for any log-ins in turn. It works in a very straightforward style that everyone can be comfortable with using.

No matter if you use Facebook quite a lot or just a little; you have felt the need to download videos sometime. Where Facebook has become more common and regular in our lives there, watching videos has also become a common practice. While you scroll down, a sea of videos welcomes you and surely, there comes one video in front of you that you really want to download. Here comes the need of a video downloader. Above are all the guidelines for you regarding this video downloader. Choose the smart way, make your life easy, and enjoy Facebook more with the trendy downloader service. 

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