How Social Media Analysis Improves Social Media Campaigns and the Role of NetBase Quid for International Brands

Social media analysis refers to the process of gathering and analyzing valuable data from social platforms to make informed business decisions. According to the views of practitioners and analysts, social media includes different channels and websites such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Reddit. After collecting and analyzing data from these social media channels, the users can measure the performance of the actions through social media. The term goes beyond factors such as previews, follows, likes, impressions gathered, and retweets. It is also different from the reports offered by businesses that support Google Analytics and LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

How Does It Work?

Social media analysis uses specially designed software platforms that function just like web search tools. Search queries or web crawlers used to span channels are useful for retrieving keyword or topic data. The software will then return different text fragments, load them in a database, and categorize and analyze them to retrieve the necessary information.

To conduct analysis, you will need to analyze the social media presence of your competitors, which will allow you to carry out benchmarking, giving you an idea of what works and doesn’t work in the industry. When you use this concept correctly, you can develop a successful social media campaign that reaches the intended audience, on this right channel, and at the right time. To use this tool, you will need to encompass different concepts, such as social listening, which means using social media channels to find opportunities and solve problems.

Where Do You Use Social Media Analysis?

Most social media users might know what analytics means, but they are confused about where to use it in their social media marketing campaigns. Some key areas where it works include:

  • Audience Analytics: This means identifying your business target audience. This form of analysis is crucial in social media marketing because it allows you to build an influential audience. Everything begins with the audience in marketing, and you need to identify what your audiences want and how you can attract them to your products. You will need to monitor how your audience evolves by using great analytical tools combined with advanced AI technologies.
  • Competitive analytics: This concept allows you to compare your business performance with that of your competitors. It gives you a chance to assess the effectiveness of your team’s strategies and work. It will also give you an idea of whether your performance and the ROI are at the same level in the market.
  • Performance analytics: You will need to measure your performance to understand which strategies work and bring good ROI. This tool also helps you identify areas in your business that need fixing and monitor your follower growth.
  • Influencer analytics: Hiring influencers for your business is expensive. You will need to work with a budget and hire the right partners and use the right platform depending on the needs of your business. You will need to collect data about your influencers and only work with those who have high-performance metrics.

Importance of Social Media Analysis

1. Measure the Social Media ROI

As a social media manager, you will need to calculate the ROI of your social media marketing presence. It also helps you to assess the impact of your social media marketing activities by monitoring the interactions, sentiment of your social media posts and looking at your social media reach.

2. Understand your Audiences

Part of building a strong social media presence is reaching the right people on the right platform by using compelling content. When you understand your audience, it will be easy to create engaging content. You will know the people who interact with your content, and you can decide on the type of content to create, such as photos, ebooks, gifs, or reports.

3. Improve the Social Media Strategy

This means that you will be able to identify the social media channels that will deliver your ROI and give good results. Therefore, you will avoid investing your efforts and time in channels that do not deliver the intended message. You will also be able to create better and engaging content, bringing better leads.

4. Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

This social media analysis tool will let you know what your competitors are up to in the market. It will give you a brief analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of your business and that of your competitors. With this information, you can try to work on your strengths while exploiting your competitors’ weaknesses.

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