How much promotional video cost to make?

Research predicts 82% of internet traffic worldwide will be videos in the next several years, according to Forbes. This implies that increasing numbers of individuals view videos every day. Videos are the greatest method to get knowledge quickly without spending endless hours screening data.

Other studies too have indicated that a combination of video advertising and pictorial ads performs much better than ads that only have images. Videos allow you to convey your brand’s humane side by incorporating tales about actual people and their achievements.

This enables your brand to establish stronger online and offline relationships with its consumers. Making videos helps you keep up with your marketing game. And there’s no lack of things you can accomplish with a versatile promo video maker like InVideo.

Cost of Producing a Promo Video Conventionally

A very basic, professional video, such as a corporate-speaking head, may be shot and edited in one or two days. You need the manager, a member of the crew or two, a quality camera, excellent lights, a good mic, and competent editing. The budget should be modest – at best, maybe a few thousand dollars.

When you add more components – a second camera, advanced lenses, teleprompter, better lighting, and better graphics, you add a few thousand dollars to your total but it will produce a lot better (and more impactful) promo clip.

A complicated video with an ambitious idea would need a team of experts working on many days or weeks, and therefore the expense will obviously be significantly greater. But you can produce a stand-out film that grabs the attention of people, so if you’ve got the money, the cost is worth it.

The budget for a professional promotional film (or video or branding video) ranges from $3,000 for the simplest projects conceivable up to $50,000 or $200,000 or more – depending upon your entire idea complexity and quality. Why the enormous range?

Because making a film is much like building a home. Do you want to have a hut or do you want to have a house? Do you want the cheapest movie you can get or you want a production of Super Bowl-caliber? Budgets will be entirely different with regards to the effect on your audience and the return on your investment.

But, what if you are just winding up to create your first promo video and have budget limitations? InVideo is the perfect tool to help you in this regard. It is a free online video creation platform that can help you in crafting quality promo videos from scratch easily.

Why choose InVideo for Creating Promotional Videos?

Any experienced promo video creation professional will tell you the pain that he/she has to go through while crafting a well-designed promotional film. This is due to the immense effort that goes into writing the script, choosing a theme, selecting the right music, and shooting from a perspective that appeals to their audience.

However, InVideo aims to take out all the pain from these steps. You are greeted with a well-designed landing page that takes you through your promo video creation journey step by step. Here are some of the advantages of using InVideo for creating appealing promo videos.

  • It helps to digitize your brand’s feel amongst your customers. Choose templates that match the visual language of your brand. The InVideo video creation platform gives you pre-existing templates that match every business niche.
  • You can repurpose your videos for other networks. All digital channels have their own criteria for what works well. The InVideo creation platform enables you to transform any video quickly into a square, horizontal or vertical orientation.
  • Music is the start of your videos and your spectators are going to appreciate you for it. InVideo advertising video creator allows you to select amongst hundreds of fascinating audio tracks.
  • Use every brand property in your videos that you find. The ultimate aim of any video marketing plan is to get your business recognized. Logo, colors and taglines, font styles, and music – download and customize your films immediately using the InVideo promotional video creator.

So, how do you go about creating a promo video using InVideo? Here are the steps:

  • Login to the cloud-based InVideo promo video creation platform.
  • Navigate to the “Readymade templates” section and check out the range of pre-existing templates on offer. There is a wide range of templates on offer that meets almost any brand requirement.
  • Add pictures, videos, and audio from the stock media collection that InVideo offers in collaboration with Shutterstock and iStockPhoto. You can also choose a range of audio effects and background music options to enhance your promo footage.
  • Finally, save your video project and download it on your device. You can also share your creation on various social media platforms directly from the InVideo portal.

That’s it! These steps pretty much sum up everything you need to know for crafting appealing promo videos that sell.


Promo videos work for a variety of reasons. For one, past researches have shown that around three-quarters of customers prefer video advertisement over text advertising as they cling to the thoughts of viewers and make your brand more memorable.

Videos convey tales and assist a brand in developing its voice. Moreover, advertising using promo videos may fuse smoothly with your viewer’s environment.

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