How much a new electrical panel costs

Homeowners always have to make extra budget cuts to invest in the ongoing problems in their homes. Each house has several appliances that need repairing from time to time. Electrical repair services cost a considerable amount for all homeowners, and changing appliances like electrical panels may require some inspection beforehand. It also depends on the range of the amps on each home’s electrical panel. In each case, the homeowner has to do their research in the matter and then invest in an excellent electrical panel. Most electrical panels mandate around 100 amps of electricity. Home insurance companies also cover the costs of electrical panel replacement in your place, and they will be interested in knowing the amperage only.

Locate your electrical panel

Electrical panels are primarily enclosed in a metal box located at some far end of your home or mounted on the backside or basements. There is an assortment of wires and switches in the panel, commonly known as breakers. Electrical contractors advise home contractors to put these panels in a far part of the house, out of the reach of children and home people. In case you are living in an apartment building, you will find your electrical panels next to the entrance unit. Most homes are fine with a single electrical panel, though sometimes the house may be subdivided into more than 2 or 3 sub-panels located in different parts of the house. This is, however, common in homes that have a larger living space or have multiple living units.

The overall cost

The actual round figure cost of replacing your electrical panel varies mainly on the scope of the job, but a rough estimate goes around $2000 to $2500 for a 100 amp service. However, if your house has an amperage of 200 amperes and more, the job will cost you more. You need to sit down with your electrical contractor, who will go through the specifics for you, narrow down all the specifics for the job, and give you a round figure to spend on the replacing. Look for more than just one electrician and get at least three quotes about the panel. Furthermore, if the electrician thinks that your electrical panel is not enough for your overall consumption, we advise you to replace your electrical box with a bigger one.

Factors involved

The following factors may be involved that may lead you to replace your electrical panel:

Insufficient capacity

The most common factor that may cause your breaker to seem insufficient for your home is if it starts constantly tripping. These issues may be arising due to capacity issues in your electrical panel. In such cases, you may first need an electrician to look at your circuit and replace the damaged wires in the system.


Flickering lights and burn odors

One of the other common causes that may cost you enough to replace your breaker is flickering lights and burn odors emitting from your circuit. It may be a problem of low energy and cause flickering when an appliance is plugged in. Old homes that are equipped with fewer circuits are unable to meet the regular demands of the electrical system as newer and more powerful appliances are added to the circuits. Furthermore, rising odors from your electrical panel may cause permanent damage to the circuits, and leaving it be without replacement can cause several issues in the future like burning and frequent problems with the electrical fuse located in your home.


Newer panels will run your house’s appliances with better efficiency and provide a much lesser chance for them to face any electrical problems due to the home’s systems. This also helps homeowners in keeping their bills in check and save on their overall energy consumption. The cost of the replacement varies as mentioned above, but we recommend you to get a quote from more than just one contractor so that you know the market before investing in a product. Furthermore, do not replace the electrical panel by yourself or with minimal help, as the risk of facing personal hazards is huge and is not worth the effort. Hiring a professional will get you a much neater job and without the hassle.

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