How Mobile Is Helpful In Education?

So, friends, I hope you all will be fine, so our question today is how mobile does not help in studying; what are the features found in mobile that help a student increase education?

We have entered the 21st century; today is the age of mobile and everyone prefers mobile so as you know mobile has many disadvantages, but at the same time, it has some advantages. As such, it helps a lot in terms of education.

It is a principle of life that if something is beneficial, then it is also harmful, then it depends on the user how he uses it if he is a positive person. He will use it positively; if someone has a wrong mindset, he can use mobile for the wrong things.

We come to the part where we talk about the main agenda, how mobile phones are proving to be very useful?

So, friends, we have to put together many points to explain this thing, and I will explain these points one by one and be fully aware of them.

Taking Online Lectures

The first thing that comes to our mind is online classes, so you all know that in the last 1-2 years, our situation has not improved, and we had to go to online education.

We all know the world and know that it is very difficult to get out of the house nowadays with the Coronavirus, so people find another solution to everything. That’s why colleges and universities have started online education to continue their studies.

By the way, I am not in favour of online education because it compromises the quality of education because what you study in a physical class, you get a better concept of the topic, but in online education, you can’t get the quality education.

Watch YouTube Videos

YouTube has also become a very popular speaking medium these days, which the students are taking great advantage of and let me tell you that YouTube has a huge impact on the lives of today’s students because YouTube contains thousands of videos on the web that can give you a complete guide to any topic you are currently studying.

Even when I have to get some guidance on a topic, I watch related videos on YouTube, and eventually, I find a video that is very useful to me because it contains all the things I want to know.

There are also many professional teachers on YouTube. They run their channel and upload some video on their channel every other day to stay connected with people and solve people’s problems.

I sometimes regret that when we started the education, there was very little content on YouTube at that time, and the other thing is that we didn’t grow that much at that time, so I understand If we had these facilities when we started our studies, we would have a better knowledge today.

Explorer Studying Websites

When you use the internet, you find thousands of websites that can get all the information about your studies. When thousands of websites are available, it is obvious that every knowledge will be clear.

Also, you can use these websites in different things like if your teacher has given you some homework, you can search this grape on these friends, and I hope you have complete content.

Math Solving Apps

If you use mobile, you will also know that different types of applications are available for mobile, so if you didn’t know that there is any study-related application, then I want to tell you Millions of applications have been provided that are useful in the study.

When you open the Google Play Store, you will find hundreds of applications that only solve math queries, and all you have to do is enter the value and select the solving method. This application will let you solve the question automatically. The feature is very surprising because if we saw it five years ago, it would seem impossible but nowadays its use has become very common.

Textbook Solutions Apps

The book provided to you by the government is your textbook and includes some international textbooks that are provided to you and many others. International professors make their books, and they are also included in textbooks.

Calculus 1 is a book that solves mathematical questions and uses many methods. It is made by a mathematical scientist, and it also has many volumes, and I guess it has fifteen to twenty volumes and this is a typical textbook of yours that is easily found in the market.

Now the problem is that there are many questions in this textbook, but their answers are not included, so there are a lot of applications on the Play Store that contain answers to these textbooks.

Chegg is also an application on which you can get all kinds of textbook answers, and it provides the correct answer, and people rely on this application the most because it is very much fine, but now there is a problem with it.

The problem is that these services are not provided free of charge but premium service. So now the problem is that people can use it, but first, they have to spend money to buy the subscription. Well, I can give a solution that can help you get the answers to the textbook free of cost so, figure out that How to get Chegg answers for free; the method is 100% working because I’ve attested it at my end so, I’m sure to share it with you guys.

Make Class Presentation

Because there are many mobile applications that you can use in editing, with the help of these applications, you can create a great class presentation and make a lot of special features in it.

And you guys know that when we make a presentation about a topic, we need a lot of material that we don’t know about, so there are many websites from which we can get the content of our presentation.

Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF Reader

We all know that with the help of these applications, we can get different kinds of facilities. Usually, if you download a textbook from a website, it is in pdf file. If we open it, it will not open automatically. If we install the PDF application, we can open this tax book.

In addition, the PowerPoint application helps create high-class presentations and includes a variety of features, such as creating a Table, entering some data, or making different images or graphs.

Excel file is also used a lot, and it is much more beneficial in terms of studying. The biggest reason for this is that when we go to universities, the professors there do not teach us on the books but the big screen, using the projector, and provide us with the same Excel file that we run on our mobile and narrate our topic.


So I have come to you in full and tell you the factors involved in the use of mobile is proving to be very useful for our studies and will be even more so in the future. I have mentioned almost all the points through which mobile plays an important role in our studies. If you look at them one by one you will know that the usage of the mobiles have increased a lot in our studies and especially since we have moved to online study, there has been a lot of increase in mobile usage.

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