How Mobile Applications are Transforming the Entertainment Industry


The previous year had been a roller coaster ride for everyone. Amidst the global pandemic and imposed restrictions, entertainment apps like Netflix came to the rescue and saved people from falling into the endless sea of boredom. 


People started binge-watching their favorite web series/movies and happily lived through the forced lockdown. Due to the increased adoption of entertainment apps, Netflix managed to acquire 26 million new subscribers in the first six months of 2020. Several other entertainment apps followed Netflix’s footsteps and acquired millions of new users as well. 


These numbers are a clear indication that the demand for feature-packed entertainment apps is on the rise and app developers in India are getting bombarded with queries regarding entertainment app development. More and more investors want to secure their money in the rapidly growing entertainment app development market and that’s why we are witnessing an influx of entertainment apps in the market. 


The truth is apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime video have completely transformed the entertainment industry. Gone are the days, when people flocked into cinema halls to watch new movies. Today, several OTT platforms give users the liberty to watch all the latest releases right on their smartphones while enjoying the comfort of their couches. 


In this article, we have further listed a few factors that explain how mobile apps are revolutionizing the entertainment industry and why they’ll continue to stay relevant in the near future. 


  1. Usability

Usability is a major reason why entertainment apps ended up becoming the norm in 2021. Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu offer a user-friendly interface, which makes it way easier for users to find and watch their favorite movies or TV series. 


These apps also come with built-in features such as geolocation access, which means the app automatically filters out the database to display the most suitable content according to the user’s current location. 


  1. Platforms for Creators

In the “good old days”, breaking into the media industry was nothing short of climbing Everest barefoot. Even if someone had the required talent, they had to fight tooth and nail to release their own feature film and make it gain the desired exposure. Fortunately, that’s not the case in today’s OTT-dominated world. 


The increase in the number of OTT platforms has given creators the opportunity to showcase their work to the entire world. They can direct their own short movies, small episodes, and even dedicated feature films. And, since the entertainment app industry generates billions of dollars in revenue, creators can easily find investors for their projects too. In short, a win-win situation for everyone. 


  1. Better User Engagement

During a conversation with a team of Indian app developers, we found out that entertainment apps offer a better user engagement than traditional movie releases. Creators have the liberty to make movies on unconventional topics that the mainstream media refrains to touch. 


Since creators can become the bridge to uplift the voice of a specific group/community, the content shown in different entertainment apps establishes a better connection with the viewers. This is a major reason why many media distributors are choosing OTT platforms over theatrical releases in 2021. 


  1. Easy Content Flow

Speaking of distributors, entertainment apps have also eased out the media distribution task for them. In the conventional days, releasing a movie in multiple countries used to be a nerve-wracking task for distributors. They had to build connections, overlook the entire releases, and monitor the daily revenue to check the performance of their movie. 


However, the increased use of entertainment apps like Netflix have completely eliminated this unnecessary hassle. Distributors can simply launch their content on a single platform and make it reach global viewers instantly. 


Final Verdict


The entertainment app industry is booming rapidly. Many media outlets have already understood this new trend and that’s why they are hiring dedicated app developers in India to launch exclusive streaming platforms like Netflix. The best part is even if the world resumes to the pre-COVID norms, the popularity of entertainment apps will continue to grow. So, if you belong to the media & entertainment industry, this is the right time to invest in app development India and launch a dedicated entertainment app for your potential users. 


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Ranjit Singh is the founder and managing director at RV Technologies. With his interest in mobile app development, he always stays on top of the latest technology trends and enjoys penning down his knowledge to share valuable insights on different topics. Over the years, he has helped many companies grow their digital presence with customer-centric mobile & web solutions.

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