How Hoverboards Made Wiz Khalifa and others arrested: Interesting Facts to know

When Marty McFly was zipping around on his flying hoverboard in Back to the Future Part II, everyone wanted to own one.

The film was set in 2015 but unfortunately, the flying part didn’t happen.

Nonetheless, people can buy hoverboards, which do give you the feeling of hovering above the ground.

If you are a true blue hoverboard lover and enthusiast, you should know the following 5 facts about hoverboards.

  1. Adrenaline Rush with High Speed




Did you know that hoverboards can attain a speed of 12 miles per hour (19 kilometers per hour)? But rarely do riders achieve this speed as major cities in the US and the UK have banned hoverboards.

In India, hoverboard lovers do not have access to open spaces to zip around unless they are in a children’s park or a skating rink.

  1. Priest Hovered His Way into Trouble


    Priest Hovered His Way into Trouble

This fun factoid will make you laugh! Father Albert San Jose is a Catholic priest in the Philippines.

He got into trouble with church authorities after he decided to use a hoverboard to make his Christmas sermon more interesting and fun.

Of course, the church begged to differ and Father Jose got suspended for showing disrespect. After all, the church isn’t the place for fun and games!

  1. Banned! Banned! Banned!


Well, if you have a new hoverboard and cannot wait to show off your new toy and your balancing prowess, good luck in finding a place for it.

Most major cities in the US have banned people from using hoverboards in public spaces. So, malls and universities are out of the question.

Even Wiz Khalifa was not spared when he tried to ride his hoverboard at Los Angeles International Airport.

The UK has banned hoverboards on sidewalks, roads as well as other public spaces as they are categorized as personal transportation.

In India, there is no ban but where’s the space for whizzing around in a hoverboard?

  1. Carry a Fire Extinguisher

Hoverboards have lithium-ion batteries and in cheap models, the major problem is overheating of these batteries when hoverboards are used for extended periods.

When that happens, there is a high possibility of the hoverboard bursting in flames.

In case you are not interested in burning your sneakers while you are zipping in your neighborhood at high speeds, make sure you purchase high-quality hoverboards from reliable retailers, such as HoverPro, at affordable prices.

Otherwise, be ready to be labeled a human torch!

  1. Levitate Like Marty McFly

Lexus, the Japanese automobile company, has created a hoverboard capable of levitating. Yes, you heard it right.

This hoverboard has magnets, liquid nitrogen, and superconductors that help it achieve magnetic levitation.

The only caveat is that you can use this hoverboard on magnetic tracks!

Good luck in finding these tracks and also Lexus has no plans whatsoever to commercialize these hoverboards! So, forget emulating Marty McFly.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the fascinating facts about hoverboards.

Do you know of some other lesser-known facts? Let us know.

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