How hard is it to learn QuickBooks?

QuickBooks have become a widely used and acceptable accounting software. One thing to understand about this software is, it provides a great learning opportunity for business. Although this particular software works wonderfully for small and mid-sized businesses, anyone from a non-financial background too can understand the use of QuickBooks. Businesses who haven’t implemented this software in the functioning always are in a dilemma whether this software is easy to learn and very hard to understand?

If you ask any random business which software is the best for accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll management, they will surely say QuickBooks. So, if you are restricting yourself from using it, only because you aren’t sure if it is hard to learn or no? Here is a guide that will explain to you everything about QuickBooks software. It makes your business function smoothly, quickly, and effortlessly. To ace it, you need to spend some time learning the basics of advanced activities, but you will get a lot of benefit from it.

How hard is it to Grasp QuickBooks Services?

This probably is a very common question that every business asks before using the software. QuickBooks learning is not rocket science; however, it won’t be wrong to say that the difficulty level is tricky! Intuit, the company has created the software considering that people can make great use of it for their accountancy and payroll solution. Even though you might not have sufficient knowledge of accounts, you can handle the software but with a basic understanding and learning before using it. However, there can be a bit steep learning curve for people who haven’t used software in the initial times for accountancy.

 It depends upon a few things like:

  1. How much knowledge do you have in the accounting concepts?
  2. Are you aware of accounting software and what it does?
  3. What version of QuickBooks software are you planning to use?

Each version of QuickBooks offers some new and unique features that require a specific set of skills in the person who will operate it.

How to Learn QuickBooks and how long it Takes?

The best way to learn QuickBooks is by signing up to teach yourself in class. The course will take about 6 weeks maximum and it depends upon the learning ability and past knowledge you have in accounting and bookkeeping.

Plus, it depends upon other factors like:

  • Software version
  • Amount of data that you wish to handle
  • Your business size, type, and services you provide
  • Your familiarity with QuickBooks software
  • Which features of QuickBooks you are planning to opt
  • The type of programs you choose

How to learn QuickBooks

There are many ways one can learn the basic to advance level of QuickBooks properly.

 Video tutorials: When you open the QuickBooks software, you will have an option of tutorials on the screen. The tutorial is free which makes it a great first choice for using it. But, remember, this will be helpful only if you have good or sufficient knowledge of accounting. This video tutorial will give you a proper insight into adding customers, creating invoices, items, sales receipts, etc. If you are someone who doesn’t understand theory knowledge but practicality, these video tutorials will be helpful for sure.

 Training CD: Intuit has also provided CD training for people to get a detail of the software as a

whole. This CD gives a software description and not complete training. The cost for it is affordable, also no exams at the end which might be good for those who doesn’t want one. For people who are highly motivated and want to make a difference in their life, you can learn this software with the help of CD training.

All this depends upon the performance, your prior knowledge in software, laptop handling, accountancy as a whole. The right time, efforts, availability, and some money will be needed to learn QuickBooks and there is no denying that it is a bit hard but not impossible to learn of course!

What you can get from Learning QuickBooks?

It is a complete software, the best part is, you get to handle so many things from this software. Allowing you to make the most out of your time, energy and focus on other important business areas.

  1. Invoice and Sales
  2. Track Bills and Expenses
  3. Tax Deduction
  4. Bank account Linking
  5. Reporting
  6. Managing Payroll

It is the most famous software, and it will be bad to admit that you aren’t using it for your business yet! Learn and see how you transform your business operation through QuickBooks software. If you are new to using any accounting software, worry less as you can still learn QuickBooks. It is designed in a way for a small and medium-sized business to make the most use of it. Without having to worry about anything learn and make a difference!

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