How Google Trends is beneficial for blogging?

Have you ever searched what is trending in fashion today? Have you followed the trend of celebrities? Have you ever wondered how people come to know about what is the latest trend? To answer all these questions we have Google Trends. Before knowing how it is beneficial for bloggers, let’s dive into the definition of Google Trends.

Google Trends is a dynamic website search feature on search engines which tells searchers about how frequently users are using the given terms in the specific time period. It surveys and ranks the most searched word or term on search engines with the help of filtered data. It helps in getting geographical information and search volume index data of particular keywords.

This allows you to measure what users are liking and what is the most popular interesting topic those people are searching on Google with the help of keywords-related data.

If you want fine grained data then you can enter or search terms on the search tools depending on location, time frame, type of search.

Benefits of Google Trend for blogging

Before writing the blog, it is necessary to look for the trend running on Google which might help you to understand what your readers or audiences in the present scenario is looking for. It will help you to create the right content for users by researching the right keywords with the help of Keyword Research. In this way you can provide the right kind of information for the people.

  1. Help in keyword comparison

If you are a blogger or a website owner, then Google Trends will serve you with the purpose of creating a blog on the right type of topic or let you provide the appropriate information for the users who are searching their queries on search engines.

With the help of keyword comparison, you can check what is trending and on the basis of search results  you can choose the best term for your blog. If you find different results for the same topic, then it is important to choose wisely by looking at the past trends and the number of times someone has searched the particular keyword.

  1. Provides Real-Time Data

If you are planning to write blogs based on what’s trending today, then you can use a real-time data tool to get specific results because it is very beneficial for your business. This not only tells what is trending today, but also it shows data linked to keywords which have been liked by the audiences in real time.

  1. Unique Content Creation

Writing high-quality content is what will grab the users or readers attention. If you want to know what will interest your readers, then Google Trends tool will benefit you with the  best keywords on which you can write topics and gain popularity on your blogs and websites.


When it comes to Google trends, it is the solution to every problem of keyword research.

If you want to gain more popularity on your blogs and websites than with the help of Google Trends tool, you can also gain unlimited benefits and learn things more specifically. Initially, it may take some time to understand and use it in a proper manner but sooner or later you can become an expert. If you are planning to explore more about Google Trends, then you can start with Digital marketing training today!

About the Author- Gaurav Heera is a digital marketing trainer and writer with many years of experience in the field. He often writes guest posts for DelhiCourses, an institute known as affordable digital marketing institute in Delhi & also provides Digital Marketing Course in Gwalior.


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