How does IPTV work?

When traveling abroad, you discovered that you do not have the opportunity to watch your favorite TV channels. So you looked for a solution to the problem on the Internet and discovered that there is IPTV, a technology to watch television channels online without geographical restrictions, but you did not understand much. Well, don’t worry: it is normal for those, like you, who are not very used to technological means. However, fear not: I am here to help you.

In today’s tutorial, in fact, I will show you how IPTV works, showing you the best tools that you can use on all the devices you have to access streaming TV channels from all over the world. I will tell you about some programs that you can use on your computer, be it a Windows PC or a Mac, and some applications that you can install on smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

Can’t wait to get started? So, what are you waiting for ?! Take just a few minutes of free time to consult this guide: I assure you that, at the end of the reading, you will have all the information to know how IPTV works and to start using it. Are you ready? The only thing left for me is to wish you a good read and, above all, a good vision!

What is IPTV

Before getting to the heart of the tutorial, let me explain what IPTV is all about. For IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) it is a system that allows you to watch television channels using the TCP / IP protocol to an Internet connection.

You might think that it is the same system that broadcasters use to play broadcasts through their web portal, or companies like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video to distribute audiovisual content on demand. Actually, although the principle is similar, the examples I have given you use a different technology, called OTT (Over-The-Top).

While for Web TV and on-demand platforms it is necessary to subscribe, or access the service through the software or the Web portal made available by the different broadcasters, for IPTV it is required, in most cases, the use of lists in M3U format or other compatible formats. In some cases, software or applications with built-in channel lists are distributed, often from other countries, such as Asia or Europe.

Although IPTV technology is legal in principle, in some cases its use is not. In fact, IPTV is often used to watch paid or encrypted channels for free: this practice is prohibited by law and violators are punished with very severe penalties. For this reason, I recommend that you use IPTV only to watch free-to-air TV channels. If you make a different use of IPTV that implies the violation of the law, I will not be responsible for that in any way.

Now that you understand what IPTV is, let’s get to the heart of the matter: in the next chapters, I will explain how to use this technology to watch free-to-air digital terrestrial or satellite television channels on computers, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. All you need is software, which I’ll tell you about shortly, and a fast Internet connection (since IPTV uses a lot of bandwidth).

IPTV: how it works on Android

There are many applications to watch IPTV on Android: among them, I recommend GSE SMART IPTV. This is a free application that allows you to import lists in M3U and JSON format for the use of TV channels using IPTV technology. It is supported by advertising banners, which can be removed by purchasing the Premium version of the application at € 2.09.

If you are interested in GSE SMART IPTV, go to their page in the Play Store and tap the Install and Open buttons. After starting GSE SMART IPTV, accept the requests for access to the permissions of the device functions and then touch the words Accept and Accept, in the boxes that appear.

At this point, to add a list in M3U or JSON format to the application, go to the Remote Playlists or Local Playlists sections, which you will find in the sidebar, by touching the icon located in the upper left. Then press the + button and choose the file format you want to add, by entering the URL or by importing a file from the device memory.

In these sections, you will find the added lists: just tap on them, then select the group of channels and finally choose the channel to play, using the word Play in the box that appears.

IPTV Smart TV: how it works

On Smart TV it is possible to install, whenever possible, third-party applications for the use of IPTV content. One of them is SS IPTV, available for free in LG and Samsung stores. To download it to your TV, go to the manufacturer’s store and use the search engine to find it. Then press the button to start the application installation and, at the end of the procedure, the button to start it.

At this point, after launching the application, press the OK button and, on the main screen, press the gear icon located at the top right. Arrived at the SS IPTV configuration panel, in the menu on the left side, select the Content item and then press the Add button. In the corresponding text field, enter the URL of the M3U list and press the Save button.

By doing so, the TV channels will be imported and can be accessed directly from the main screen of the application. In the latter, you will also find the preloaded IPTV lists, ready to use.

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